numbat - New Ubiquitous Mobility Basic Analysis Tools

WiMax + Mobile IPv6 handovers in Omnet++ simulation environment


Goal of this project is to provide Mobile WiMax simulation environment, with focus on mobility and IPv6 in the OMNeT++ environment. This goal has been reached and available code is fully functional. Although Numbat is mainly used under Linux, it is also usable under Windows.

Note: Author of this software does not provide any support service. Do not send him questions or requests to add new or fix existing features. Please direct such requests to mailing list instead.


Already got feedback from:

  1. Poland
  2. Germany
  3. United States
  4. Iran
  5. Finland
  6. China
  7. Oman
  8. Spain
  9. India
  10. Malaysia
  11. United Kingdom
  12. Greece

If you use Numbat and live in a country not listed above, let me know so I can update this list.


Documentation, papers

The most up to date and most useful is Numbat Developer's Guide (available on this page; you can also generate it on your own using doxygen, if you want to). One notable section useful for beginners is its "Installation and usage" section. Another documentation is Numbat neddoc documentation that explains simulation specific data (simple and compound modules, packets, messages etc.)

There are several old, old reasearch papers available. See the doc/ directory:

Mailing list

This project has a mailing list. You can subscribe via e-mail or go to the mail list web interface where you can subscribe, too. You can also browse the archives

Getting source code

Numbat migrated to github with source code storage. Please consult github or any GIT tutorials how to obtain sources from GIT. Single line command to get the sources is

git clone git://

Old SVN repository is still available, but please DO NOT use it. Please use GIT repo instead.

To get source code (released under GNU GPLv2), check out following SVN repository:

Windows users (for complete beginners):

  1. Get a SVN client. TortoiseSVN is a good, free one.
  2. Checkout Numbat repository. In Windows explorer, right click, then choose SVN checkout... and specify following repository address:
  3. See Installation section for details how to compile the source code

Tomasz Mrugalski