[Dibbler] Dibbler -1.0.1 pd-class support

senthil nathan d_senthilnathan at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 15 08:45:49 CEST 2020

Hi All,

Please confirm the following 
>From dibbler-user guide

pd-pool – (scope: pd-class). Takes coma separated IPv6 address ranges. Each range is defined as fistaddress,a dash and a second address. Defines a range of available prefixes (only prefixes themselves,not their lengths) that will be assigned in specific class.
 An example pd-pool definition looks likethis:
 pd-pool 2001:db8:abcd:: - 2001:db8:abcd::ffff 
It is also possible to use prefix/length notation.
In Dibbler version - 0.8.0 , this format is supported.
We are facing issue when we used Dibbler version -1.0.1.
We need your confirmation like Dibbler-1.0.1 support this kind of pd-pool format or not.

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    On Wednesday, 15 April, 2020, 1:46:27 AM IST, Tomek Mrugalski <thomson at klub.com.pl> wrote:  
 On 12.04.2020 03:24, senthil nathan wrote:
> We are using the Dibbler version -1.0.1
Dibbler is no longer developed or maintained. Please seriously consider migrating to Kea.
See kea.readthedocs.io for details.

> When used the pd-class as below in the server.conf file.Below error we got
> 2020.03.05 11:07:57 Server Critical Config parse error: line 13, unexpected [-] token.*

> For your reference , below the server.conf file for your reference.
> Any one provide your guidance or fix for us how to proceed with out error.

>        pd-pool 2601:a40:300:1234:: - 2601:a40:300:1298:: /56

How did you come up with this syntax? You should define prefix pool as a single pool, not as a range.
This defines the pool, from which delegations are made. /56 says that only the first 56 bits are important
and remaining bits 57..128 are not, so what you defined here is really 2601:a40:300:1200::/56 (with the
34 and 98 being ignored by the prefix length. So both your notation and your values need to be fixed...

See doc/examples/server-prefix-delegation.conf or take a look at Dibbler User's Guide.

Hope that helps,
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