[Dibbler] Dibbler Server Stateful and Stateless modes

Rapoport, MichaelX michaelx.rapoport at intel.com
Tue Jun 18 14:36:13 CEST 2013


As far as I understand from the User manual, the Dibbler Server supports either Stateful or Stateless configuration, but not both ?
Is this correct ?

How can such Server serve different Clients where part of them is Stateful and another part is Stateless ?

Here is an excerpt from Dibbler manual from 2013-05-30:

There are two kinds of configurations in DHCPv6 ([5], [10]):
stateful { it assumes that addresses (and possibly other parameters) are assigned to a client. To perform
this kind of configuration, four messages are exchanged: SOLICIT, ADVERTISE, REQUESTand

stateless { when only parameters are configured (without assigning addresses to a client). During
execution of this type of configuration, only two messages are exchanged: INF-REQUEST and

stateless {(scope: global). It may be present or missing. The default is missing. Defines that server
should run in stateless mode. In this mode only configuration parameters are defined, not addresses
or prefixes. It is mutually exclusive with class, ta-class and pd-class. See Section 4.12.

3. Configure Dibbler server to work in stateful mode, i.e. that it can provide addresses for the clients.
This is a default mode, so unless configuration was altered, this step is already done. Make sure
that there is no ,,stateless" keyword in theserver.confile.

Thank you,
Michael Rapoport.
Intel Israel (74) Limited

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