[Dibbler] [need help] dibbler dhcpv6 server leasequery-relpy not send out

Will Jiang (lipjiang) lipjiang at cisco.com
Wed Nov 7 02:15:31 CET 2012

Hi Folks,
I try to use Dibble as a server receive Leasequery, and send Leasequery-Reply out.

By the dibble-debug it seems everything is ok:
55:57 Srv Notice    Accepting connections. Next event in 6732 second(s).
56:02 Srv Debug     Received 67 bytes on interface Local Area Connection 2/13 (socket=268, addr=fe80::c67d:4fff:fe76:9380.).
56:02 Srv Notice    Received LEASE-QUERY on Local Area Connection 2/13,TransID=0x50fb6c, 2 opts: 44 1, 0 relay(s).
56:02 Srv Debug     0 answers buffered. Old reply for transID=50fb6c not found. Generating new answer.
56:02 Srv Debug     LQ: LeaseQuery received, preparing RQ_REPLY
56:02 Srv Info      LQ: Generating new LEASEQUERY_RESP message.
56:02 Srv Debug     LQ: Appending data for client 00:01:00:01:18:2b:7c:07:00:00:30:00:00:00
56:02 Srv Debug     LQ: modifying the lifetimes (client last seen 61secs ago).
56:02 Srv Debug     LQ: Adding CLT_TIME option: 61 second(s).
56:02 Srv Notice    Sending LEASE-QUERY-REPLY on Local Area Connection 2/13,transID=0x50fb6c, opts: 45 1 2, 0 relay(s).
56:02 Srv Debug     LQ: LQ-QUERY response generation successful.
56:02 Srv Debug     1 message(s) were removed from cache.
56:02 Srv Notice    Accepting connections. Next event in 6727 second(s).

But I capture packet on the network<app:ds:network> card<app:ds:card>, no Leasequery-Reply send out.
How can I know: where drop the Leasequery-Reply ? or it not generate at all ?
Attached files are dibbler-server.log and captured packets.
Thanks a lot.

Best Regards !

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