[Dibbler] recovering from ppp disconnects

Gabriel jarod125 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 15:34:28 CET 2012


I have dibbler 0.8.3RC1 running as client on debian squeeze. I connect
to my ISP via PPPoE and receive a /64 PD. The ppp link disconnects
roughly every two days. After this, IPv6 connectivity is lost and I
need to kill the client, delete the /64 PD from my internal interface
and restart dibbler client. I configured inactive-mode and enabled
debugging, but it didn't help. This is how the log looks when the ppp
link goes down:

2012.11.04 02:06:35 Client Notice    Network switch off event
detected. initiating CONFIRM.
2012.11.04 02:06:35 Client Debug     Failed to read sockets (select()
returned -1), error=Interrupted system call
2012.11.04 02:06:35 Client Debug     Sleeping for 2128530307 second(s).

Config is below:

log-level 8

script "/var/lib/dibbler/client-notify.sh"

downlink-prefix-ifaces eth1

iface ppp0 {
    option dns-server

I use client-notify.sh to configure internal interface with assigned
PD. To the default version found in the package, I added:

    ip addr $1 $PREFIX1/64 dev eth1
    if [ -f /var/run/radvd.pid ]; then
        kill -HUP `cat /var/run/radvd.pid`
        else /root/sources/radvd-1.9.1/radvd -C /etc/radvd.conf

within the if [ "$PREFIX1" != "" ]; then clause.

I guess what I'm trying to do is to have dibbler react when ppp goes
down by requesting/renewing the PD and reconfigure the internal
interface accordingly.


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