[Dibbler] Content of subnet

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Mon Jun 18 14:53:50 CEST 2012

On 18.06.2012 14:35, dqq wrote:
> I am very grateful for your patience to explain.
> my  scenario may look like this:
> http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/cases/case01/archi_dibbler.jpg
Ah, that is very helpful.

> I mean that I will use the capability of relay that the router
> provide,but there are not config file in the router that provide the
> relay function  .
That is fine. Dibbler server can be configured to accept whatever relay

>>Assume that there are two subnets ,first subnet I want to assign it
> address 6000::2001:/80 and the second I want to assign it with addresses
> 6000::2002:/80
> with this I mean that the clients in the first subnet can only get
> address from this pool  6000::2001:/80 not from others .the same as the
> second.
> Can the guess-mode Meet  this requirements?
>  Look forward to youy replay...
Yes. It should be possible to use dibbler server in that environment.
You should take a look at Dibbler User's Guide, section 4.2 "Feature
HOWTO: Relays", especially last paragraph starting with "In larger
networks it is sometimes useful to connect multiple relays." and follow
sections mentioned there. You should probably start with a config
similar to the one described in section 5.1.9 "Example 9: cascade 2
relays" and expand it a bit. Note that each virtual relay describes a
different physical network, and can assign different address and options
in it. In the 5.1.9 example, relay1 interface does not offer any
addresses for clients connected over relay1 only, but you can easily fix
that by adding "class" definition on relay1 (and pd-class if prefix
delegation is needed as well).

Finally, your router should include interface-id. I'm not sure if
dibbler will print that out or not. In theory you should be able to
configure dibbler server to match whatever your router/relay adds as
interface-id (without touching your router/relay configuration). If that
is not possible, use guess-mode.

If you will have problems with making this work, please capture your
incoming traffic from dibbler clients connected to Lyon as seen from the
dibbler-server box. It should came in as double encapsulated traffic
(e.g. SOLICIT in RELAY-FORW in RELAY-FORW). First "layer" (the outermost
from the encapsulation perspective) should have interface-id included by
your Montreal relay and the second "layer" (the innermost) should have
interface-id included by dibbler-relay running on lyon box.
You can extract interface-id that montreal relay incudes by inspecting
that packet in wireshark.

If the file you are going to send it large, please send it to me
directly, rather than to the list.


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