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Thanks for you help 
 Maybe I  have not  described my questions clearly before
 my scenario is that I use a router to replace the relay server .
  In my scenario,I want to give a subnet that connect DHCP server via a router  some fixed addresses.
 Assume  that there are two subnets ,first subnet I want to assign it address 6000::2001:/80 and the second I want to assign it with addresses 6000::2002:/80
 Then ,I don't konw how to config the server.
 Above is the first question
 The second is as follows:
 I can't understand what you say about interface-id clearly.
 Router contain some interfaces,do you mean interface serial number.if so ,when we use it as interface-id,there will be conflict because two routers have the same interface serial number.
 Look forward to your reply
 p.s The dibbler version that I am using is 0.7.3
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