[Dibbler] Problems getting started

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Jan 26 18:14:08 CET 2012

I've been taking part in my ISPs end-user IPv6 testing. I've tried 
Dibbler because I want the scripting ability - but having trouble 
getting things going.

First off, the packages for Debian are a bit out of date, are there 
plans to update them ?

Secondly, I've built 0.8.1 from source but struggled to get the 
script option to work. In debugging this, I've spotted a couple of 
minor documentations errors.

On P30, is shows the path to the script without quotes. By trial and 
error I've determined that a simple file name can be used without 
quotes (but the script needs to be in the working directory), or the 
path/filename needs to be in quotes.
   script /var/lib/dibbler/script.sh
doesn't work - it results in the error :
   Config parse error: line 6, unexpected [/] token.

   script "/var/lib/dibbler/script.sh"
does work

On the same page, it says
"Options are passed as environment variables. For example client DUID 
(conveyed in option code 1), will be passed as OPTION1". While in the 
environment it's seen as SRV_OPTION1

Thirdly, is it possible to have the script called if the I/F goes 
down and/or on quitting the client - though I guess there could be 
complications in terms of what information to pass in non-trivial 
setups ? I'll be looking to see if the PPP daemon will call a script 
if the link goes down - if so then I should be able to stash the 
details from the dhcp client and have the second script deconfigure 
stuff as required.

Lastly, is there a simple way to prevent the client doing anything 
with DNS (munging resolv.conf) or addresses ? I'm running an internal 
resolving nameserver so I don't want resolv.conf fiddling with, and 
my script will be taking care of addressing - as well as routing, DNS 
entries, radvd config, and eventually dhcpv6 server config.

Simon Hobson

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