[Dibbler] DDNS and no forward update

sub at nryc.fr sub at nryc.fr
Sun Jan 8 16:03:58 CET 2012

On 02/01/2012 00:48, Thomas Wilhelmi wrote:
> Hello List,
> first of all I want to wish you a happy new year.
> I have a little problem with the dibbler-client on a Windows XP and
> BIND plus ISC DHCP on a Suse-Box. The version of dibbler is currently
> 0.8.1RC1 but I also tried the older versions.
> The problem is that the address-assignment is working correctly and
> the dynamic update of the reverse-zone as well. But the update of the
> forward zone is never tried (according to the logfile on Suse).
> Requests from other Systems (Win7, HP-Printer) are correctly updating
> the forward zone.
> So what to do?
> I attach the dibbler-config-file, the named.conf and the dhcpd6.conf
> plus excerpts of the logs.


Have you tried "option fqdn <hostname>" instead of "option fqdn <fqdn>" 
in your client configuration?

This is what I'm using : I don't make clients annonce their full FQDN 
but just their hostname and the DHCPv6 server do the rest (and it works).



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