[Dibbler] DDNS and no forward update

Thomas Wilhelmi willi at thomas-wilhelmi.de
Sun Jan 8 00:28:38 CET 2012


all your comments and questions, especially the request for the
traffic, leads me into the correct direction. I needed to add the
global option

option fqdn-s 1

to force the S-Bit to "1" in the Solicit-Record. That forces the
Server to make also the Forward-Update.

Thanks and bet regards,

> On 02.01.2012 00:48, Thomas Wilhelmi wrote:
>> Hello List,
>> first of all I want to wish you a happy new year.
> Thank you. The same to you all.

>> I have a little problem with the dibbler-client on a Windows XP and
>> BIND plus ISC DHCP on a Suse-Box. The version of dibbler is currently
>> 0.8.1RC1 but I also tried the older versions.
>> The problem is that the address-assignment is working correctly and
>> the dynamic update of the reverse-zone as well. But the update of the
>> forward zone is never tried (according to the logfile on Suse).
>> Requests from other Systems (Win7, HP-Printer) are correctly updating
>> the forward zone.
> I'll look at this problem. Here are some comments:
> 1. ISC DHCP does not send back FQDN option. RFC4704 allows that, but
> according to Section 6 of RFC4704 server MUST send back FQDN option if
> client sent FQDN and requested FQDN in ORO. I believe that
> dibbler-client does that. As server didn't return FQDN, dibbler-client
> can't do the update on its own.

> Note that forward zone can be updated by client or server. Your server
> config indicates that it should be updated by ISC server.

> That indicates that there are 2 interoperability problems here:
> - lack of FQDN option in ADVERTISE and REPLY
> - lack of forward DNS Update from server

> I assume that ISC DHCP server doesn't like dibbler's fqdn option for
> some reason. I will investigate this, but it seems that there's high
> probability that server is at fault. However, you are talking to the
> right guy. I happen to work for ISC and I'm partially involved in ISC
> DHCP maintenance :)

>> So what to do?
> I will contact you off the list with extra questions.

> Cheers,
> Tomek Mrugalski
> Dibbler author
> ISC DHCP engineer
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