[Dibbler] Custom path to config file

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Fri Jan 6 18:00:36 CET 2012

On 29.12.2011 19:22, Mateusz Pałosz wrote:
> Hi,
> It would be nice to set custom path to config file for server. I set
> up VPN for my own use (Poptop with freeradius) and I want to provide
> IPv6. Radvd is working, but it can't provide DNSes for windows. Only
> RDNSS, but windows doesn't support this. I tried various DHCP servers.
> ISC DHCP does not support ppp (maybe there are patches, but I didn't
> try) wide-dhcpv6 (aka kame) throw error. Only Dibbler works :) I want
> custom path, beacuse whenever user log in to FreeRADIUS I want to
> spawn new process of dibbler-server. For each user there is new
> interface (ppp0, ppp1 and so on), so it's pointless to hardcode
> settings. Instead I want to generate config on the fly and run dibbler
> with it.
This is not supported yet, but it is very easy to implement.

Let me know if you are willing to implement this. Here are some
guidelines. That is fairly trivial work and only basic understanding of
C or C++ is needed.

You just need to modify Port-linux/dibbler-server.cpp. Command line
options parsing is done in main() that calls run() that in turn calls
TDHCPServer with fixed path. You need to parse extra parameter that
specifies path to config file. Let's call it -c. This can be parsed in
main() or new function for can be implemented. Then it should be passed
to run() that in turn will call TDHCPServer with specified parameter.

Once you have the code, send me a patch, please :)

If you won't implement this on your own, I will do this, but it may take
a long time as I have many other things to implement... :(

On a side note, that usage model not very reasonable. Once new interface
appears, you should update server.conf and restart a single instance of
server. dibbler-server is perfectly capable of handling multiple links.

Hope that helps,

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