[Dibbler] "option fqdn" with Dibbler 0.7.2/XP

Nicolas C. sub at nryc.fr
Sun Mar 20 19:34:58 CET 2011

Le 19/03/2011 22:22, Tomasz Mrugalski a écrit :

>> I'm trying to do DDNS with Dibbler 0.7.2 (under windows XP) and a
>> ISC DHCP Server 4.1.1.
>> I use the option "fqdn<hostname>" on Dibbler but I'm getting the
>> error "Unable to convert dhcp6.fqdn domain name to printable form"
>> on the DHCP server logs.
>> I tried with Dibbler 0.7.3 on a linux workstation (using the
>> official package of Ubuntu Maverick) and it works.
>> How can I solve this problem for Windows XP?
> Do you have Visual Studio installed? Can you compile the latest SVN
> version on Windows? If not, I can provide you with such version.


I don't have dev tools for Windows so I'm interested in a more recent
version of Dibbler for Windows XP (32 bits).

> Can you capture the traffic between client and server using tcpdump
> or wireshark?

Yes, this is a Wireshark capture on WinXP (unsuccesful DDNS with
"malformed option") :


And is a capture on Ubuntu (successful DDNS, with "maverick-test" as a
provided fqdn) :


Both links will expire in two days.



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