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Gorja Prasad-B22290 B22290 at freescale.com
Tue Mar 15 09:51:11 CET 2011

Hi Dr.Tomasz Mrugalski,

Congratulations for your hard work to get Ph.D.

I have few suggestions/queries for you.

1. Support for reload of configuration file or soft reconfiguration feature.

   For configuration changes, DHCPv6 client/server to be restarted, it is troublesome when DHCP is enabled/disabled on multiple interfaces !!!

2. I understand that the dibbler client is able to receive addresses and prefixes. But, only first address and first prefix only processed by notify scripts.

   Is there any plan to enhance the script for multiple prefixes and addresses?. Similarly, Event mechanism to be enhanced for other information(DNS,SIP,WIN server info).

   You have suggested to parse client-AddrMgr.xml and Client-IfaceMgr.xml for more than one address and prefixes!!. There is a possible case in which only other information is requested but not address and prefix.

   IN such cases, what is the trigger point to parse these XMLs, precisely when to parse these files?

3. How is the behavior of Multiple instances of client and server in a single system?


Prasad Gorja

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