[Dibbler] dibbler-server an debian-armel

Christian Andersen lists at milindur.de
Fri Aug 15 16:41:04 CEST 2008


> Which version? My 0.7.1-2 version have been uploaded recently.
> But the differences between 0.7.1-2 and 0.7.1-1 are config file related
> only, so both versions are considered latest.

I am using 0.7.1-2 from debian sid. I also tried a self-compiled version
(based on 0.7.1 source,
> Server was not able to parse SOLICIT message.
> At first glance, I though that is a endianess problem (your hardware is
> big endian, right?), but 63232 is 0xf700. If reversed, it would give

As far as I know ARM is capable of little and big endian. But the debian
port (armel), which runs on this machine, is little-endian.

> 0x00f7 (247 dec). But there is no option type 247. There's something
> odd
> here. Please provide ethereal dumps. This will help a lot.
> If they will contain multiple requests, please clearly state which
> client
> sent them.

I attached two dumps to this mail. I also uploaded both dumps to following
location: <http://milindur.de/~milindur/dl/dibbler/>.

The first dump shows the attempt of Windows Vista to communicate with
dibbler-server, but without success (no answer from dibbler). The second
dump shows the successful communication of Windows Vista with
> > What could be the reason for this problem? How can it be solved?
> I suspect some non-obvious endianess problem. But dibbler have been
> workng
> on such systems for quite a while. If you provide enough information,
> we
> can solve this together.


Best regards,
Christian Andersen

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