[Dibbler] What RFCs are supported?

Shinichi Mimura Shinichi_Mimura at toshibatec.co.jp
Thu Aug 31 13:29:48 CEST 2006

Sorry, some sentences had gone.

Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for the quick reply.

> > 1) What RFCs are supported?
> >      I'm looking for a stack supported RFC3315, RFC3633, RFC3646 and
> > RFC3736.
> RFC3315 (DHCPv6), 3646 (DNS options) and 3736 (Stateless DHCPv6) are
> supported.
> Support for prefix delegation (RFC3633) is under development. Expected
> date for first snapshot (unofficial release) is within 1 month.

I'm happy to hear it.

>>  2) Is there a plan to support option numbers along with IANA(
> Seems that some of them has been changed... again. This will be fixed in
> the next release candidate, which is expected to be released within 1-2
> weeks. If you need to have those option numbers earlier, you can modify
> Misc/DHCPConst.h file on your own.

I want to wait for that.

>>       Some option numbers are different between packet-dhcpv6.c and one
>>  defind by IANA.
> Hmmm, are you writing to a correct list? This file is part of the
> Wireshark (former Ethereal). I'm not sure, but it seems that both
> Dibbler and Wireshark use outdated option values. It only affects
> which are not accepted as standard (e.g. FQDN option).

Yes, I believe the file is legality. Because the site is on IANA.
I guess both of them are not correnct. Can you fix it?

Shinichi Mimura

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