[Dibbler] Problems with the FQDN-Snapshot

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Tue Aug 22 12:08:57 CEST 2006

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 somebody known as Heiko Reints wrote:

> Hi,
> i'm testing diblber and everyting works except FQDN. As I see, the 
>client starts a request [Requested Option code: Fully Qualified Domain 
>Name (34)] and the server revceives it. But the server cannot handle it:
Let me explain, how this works. In this snapshot, client behaves 
incorrectly. FQDN draft states that FQDN option MUST be sent and that 
sending only option-request with FQDN is not enough. This is already fixed 
in CVS. I expect to prepare another snapshot shortly (tomorrow maybe?)

For now, there's simple workaround: In client.conf use following syntax:

option fqdn any.name.it.will.be.ingored.anyway

Make sure that you have the DNS server configured properly. In case of DNS 
server misconfiguration (e.g. does not accept updates at all), there will 
by ugly delays and timeout on the client side.

If you are not in a hury, I suggest you to wait for this next snapshot. It 
will be much more usable.

> I tried the config-examples with the same effect. I tried both OS 
>(Debian Linux and MS Windows XP) as server and client.

> # My client.conf
> log-level 8
> log-mode precise
> iface eth0
> {
>   stateless
>   option dns-server
>   option domain
>   option fqdn
> }
This won't work. FQDN works in the statefull mode only. To get FQDN 
working, you have to obrain following parameters:
- IA containing at least one address
- DNS server (so Dibbler knows, where send updates to)

> I hope you can help me. FQDN is a very nessecary thing for our network.
I will help you. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, so there 
are *A LOT* of things which are not production quality yet. But this kind 
of feedback is especially appreciated. Thanks.

> P.S.: Feedback for the documentation: simple but enough. An network 
>overview could be nice to see - easier way to discribe in the 
>configuration file which address is intended to the server, relay or 
Good suggestion. I never had time to make some pretty pictures. Until 
recently, Dibbler was used in simple configurations - server talking to a 
client. But this has changed and the docs are about to be updated.


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