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wario super mariospirit at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 21 15:42:49 CET 2005

First thanks for replying  my question.

Here is the architecture of the network: (the picture
attached with the mail).

It seems that dibbler allows to have a preferred
server for the client but the server is not able to
distribute address for two sub networks
simultaneously. As you said the server distributes
address for the sub network 1 until no address in the
sub network 1 left. So the solution you proposed was
to configure the server for giving to a specific
client connected to the interface of the server a
specific prefix. If you add a client to the network it
is necessary to complete the configuration file.

My goal is to be able to add a host without modifying
the server configuration file. The configurations have
to be done in the hosts not in the server.

A solution is to run 2  dhcpv6 servers process in the
computer called server with two different
configuration files. The first process will distribute
the address range 2001:1:0:1::/64 and the other
2001:2:0:1::/64. Then the client will be configured
for example by preferred server: 2001:1:0:1::10 which
distribute 2001:1:0:1::/64 and then will obtain an
address in the range 2001:1:0:1::/64. Unfortunately it
seems that it is not possible to run dibbler twice on
a computer.

Moreover I had difficulties to use the option
“preferred-servers”. Could you give me please a short
example of the use of this option ? Can I use it with
an Ipv6 address ?

Thanks a lot


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