[Dibbler] DHCPv6 over 2 Relays

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Thu Mar 17 21:53:16 CET 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 somebody known as Harald Schwier wrote:

> Hallo,
> i have just tried dibbler 0.4.0 and first of all: GREAT WORK!!!

> I was able to configure the server and client to communicate over 1 relay agent, but not over 2 relays.
> The first Relay sends the relay-forward message to the ALL_DHCP_SERVERS Address ff05::1:3,
> but the second Relay is not listening to this address. After modifying the first Relay to send
> the relay-forward message to the ALL_DHCP_RELAY_AGENTS_AND_SERVERS address
> ff02::1:2, the second Relay segfaults. :-(
Wow. It's nice that even 1 relay works. :) I have not tested 2 relays 
configuration. Relay (and server too) code was written to handle up to 
32 relays, but I had not tested it, mainly because of lack of equipment. 
Relay was developed on 2 computers - one was acting as relay, and the 
second one as both server and client.

I belive that using 2 relays is not necessary. You can configure server to 
use global address, assign global address to relay and configure relay to 
forward packets to server's global address.

Nevertheless, since RFC says that is a legal situation and you want this 
feature to work, I'll have to fix it. But it will take some time. I have 
to read RFC once more to clarify my understanding of various relay 

I have put your description in bugzilla (bug #107). Can you send me all 
used config files, so I can investigate this issue? Since you have used 
"segfault" phrase, I suppose you're using Linux?

Thanks for your feedback and your kind words.

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