[Dibbler] DHCPv6 over 2 Relays

Harald Schwier harald.schwier at web.de
Thu Mar 17 20:20:40 CET 2005

i have just tried dibbler 0.4.0 and first of all: GREAT WORK!!!

I was able to configure the server and client to communicate over 1 relay agent, but not over 2 relays.
The first Relay sends the relay-forward message to the ALL_DHCP_SERVERS Address ff05::1:3,
but the second Relay is not listening to this address. After modifying the first Relay to send
the relay-forward message to the ALL_DHCP_RELAY_AGENTS_AND_SERVERS address
ff02::1:2, the second Relay segfaults. :-(

Have i misconfigered something or is this an unimplemented feature.

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