[Dibbler] Problems with "accept-only"

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Tue Mar 15 09:11:40 CET 2005

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 somebody known as Christian Carlowitz wrote:

> I want to use Dibbler for assigning static IPv6-addresses to clients. Dibbler
> is supposed to assign a certain address to each client (the one which maps to
> the correct DNS-Name in reverse DNS). So I tried to run a Dibbler-server
> (0.31) with the config listed below on a Debian/Linux-machine in order to
> assign the address 2001:6f8:12ff::2 to a WinXP-client (dibbler-client 0.31).
> The server config is based on a hint in the manual on page 15/16 which says
> that a problem like "Client with fe80::200:39ff:fe4b:1abc link-local address
> should get his static address 2000::2f." can be solved by using a
> "accept-only" statement in connection with an one-address-pool.
> But according to the output (see below), the server refuses to assign the
> specified address though the client successfully bound to the correct
> link-local-address. If I remove the "accept-only", the address is assigned.
> Any idea?
I've checked it. It's a bug. I have put it into bugzilla (bug #106).
BTW: Your description is a most detailed, very clear description of the 
problem. With such superb instructions, I had located and fixed this bug 
in 5 minutes. Good work.

This fix will be incorporated in the 0.4.0 version. I'm building it right 
now. I'll test if it works (which will take some time) and put in on the 
website very soon (think hours rather than days).

[Next day in the morning].
Ok, here it is:
Can you test it and confirm (or deny) that your problem is fixed? In this 
version it works for me.

I need to finish several tests and this 0.4.0 release will be officially 

One more hint for your configuration: I belive you have minimised it to 
pinpoint the problem (which is great). However, in some larger 
configuration, you probably have one larger class and serveral 1-address 
classes for each specified host. If client will ask for any address, it 
will get address from the first free class on the server. To make sure, 
that this specific address is received, you should use it as a hint. Note 
that every value specified in the client is only the hint for the server. 
Here's example config for this:

log-mode short
iface eth0
     IA { address { 2001:6f8:12ff::2 } }
     option dns-server

> In advance, thank you for your help.
I'm glad I can help.

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