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shenjian630 shenjian630 at 126.com
Tue Dec 28 10:02:45 CET 2004

Hello sir!
     I read the code in dibbler-0.2.0-src, I have some questions. Why the body of the answer function in the class TClntMsgAdvertise is empty , and why do you write a sentence "this should never happen" in the {} ?  The location of the answer function what I say is at ClntMsgAdvertise.cpp ,line 79. I think the client sends the REQUEST message after it receives the ADVERTISE message. In dibbler-0.2.0-src, it creates a new pointer which points to the class TClntMsgAdvertise, 
like "ptr = new TClntMsgAdvertise". But I can not find which function you use to send the  REQUEST message. I consider that you use the answer function in the class TClntMsgAdvertise to send the  REQUEST message, however it is empty. Maybe 
I am wrong. That is my puzzle. Thank you very much!

Happy new year, with best wishes!


        shenjian  from  China 
        shenjian630 at 126.com
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