[Dibbler] Dibbler 0.3.0 available

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Fri Dec 17 21:50:50 CET 2004

I'm proud to annouce that 0.3.0 version of Dibbler is available to 
download. This is the first version which incorporates fixes for bugs 
discovered by independent testing team. It also has greatly improved 
stateless autoconfiguration mode. Among most important new features are:
support for various new options (introduced in 0.3.0-RC1 version), option 
renewal (lifetime option), interoperability with other implementations 
improved and various types of installer prepared (e.g. Windows clickable 
installation, RPM & DEB packages for Linux).

If you will use Dibbler, let me know if it met your requirements. If not, 
plase explain what are your expectations and what should be improved.

Next Dibbler version (with relay support) is expected to be completed 
around end of february 2005.

Detailed changelog is listed below:

   Dibbler changelog

  0.3.0 [2004-12-16]
   - Linux: DEB packages are now generated (bugs #65, #66)
   - Linux: make install was implemented (bugs #86, #87)
   - Linux: man pages were created (buf #61, #62)
   - Linux: RPM package prepared (bugs #63, #64)
   - Windows installer (bugs #59, #60)
   - Client now can handle denied REPLY for RENEW in a sanite way (bug #53)
   - Client now removes expired addresses (bug #15)
   - Server and client no longer supports link local addresses (bug #38, #39)
   - Linux: Fixed issue with running server and client on the same host (bug #56)
   - Server now supports stateless mode (bug #71)
   - Developer's guide (bugs #42, #43)
   - Log files are now created, even when run in the console (bugs #34, #36)
   - DAD timeout was decreased to 1 second
   - NIS options values are changed to meet recently published RFC3898
   - Server now supports domains containing - (bug #73)
   - Linux: /etc/resolv.conf no longer gets corrupted if not ended with CR (bug #74)
   - Multiple instantions are no longer allowed (bug #2)
   - Client requests for Lifetime option only if explicitly told to do so (bug #75)
   - Server now properly retransmits messages.
   - Client no longer sends RapidCommit unless told to do so (bug #55)
   - Client no longer retrasmits indefinetly INF-REQUEST message.

   - Fixed bug found by PCSS team regarding improper socket initialization in ClntTransMgr.
   - Server now properly supports clients which send IA without IAADDR included.

   - Socket binding has changes (no more REUSE_ADDR). See RELNOTES for details.
   - Option renewal mechanism (Lifetime option)
   - Fixed issues with large timeouts (signed/unsigned problem)
   - Assigned options are now stored in files in working directory (besides of setting them up in the system)
   - Parsers are now more robust and more verbose in case of invalid config files.
   - Server granting incorrect valid lifetime values fixed (bug #57)

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