[Dibbler-devel] git version 26.07 10:00 works (mostly)

Mircea Ciocan mirceac at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 09:46:22 CEST 2016

Dear Tomasz, these are excellent news, I will try it right now.
Just one question: in both cases (the one that worked with an IP without
problems and the one that failed with an IP that was already exiting), the
same function was called ?
If the code path is similar could it be that the address was not assigned
was rejected because the function call already did some kind of DAD and
rejected because of that ?
Because I don't think that the client knows in advance if there is a
duplicate address until it performs a DAD, and to perform this it should
assign it first to the interface.
Failing to assign it with the same code path that was assigning an IP
without problems correctly means some form of DAD is already made, the
function should return an error code IMHO.
Please correct if I'm wrong or if there are different code paths.

 Best regards, MC

On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 12:09 AM, Tomasz Mrugalski <thomson at klub.com.pl>

> On 26.07.2016 17:41, Mircea Ciocan wrote:
> > I'm eager to test the version with the latest iproute code addition and
> > if the code works in normal and whatever test situation you can think
> > off, then a new release should be done to have a stable reference code
> base.
> I have pushed the code to branch iproute-update. Many files in
> Port-linux/ has been update to source code from iproute2-4.3.0.
> Here are the results of my tests:
> Case 1: no duplicate: the server assigns an address. Client receives it
> and there is no duplicate. The client adds the address to the interface
> and it seems to be working ok.
> Case 2: the address is already used. The server assigns it, the client
> receives it and tries to configure it. It calls ipaddr_add_or_del, but
> for some reason that eludes me, the address is not actually added to the
> interface. I have no idea why.
> Regarding case 2, I did an extra experiment. On host1 I did add an
> address that was to be handled by a server. Instead of running
> dibbler-client, I manually called ip addr add and it for configured. I
> have no idea why.
> If you have time, maybe you could debug the parameters used by dibbler
> in ipaddr_add_or_del and compare them to value used in ipaddr_modify in
> ip/ipaddress.c in the ip tool.
> Good luck,
> Tomek
> p.s.
> Your previous patch for calling rtnl_close() is already part of the code
> and the change is mentioned in the changelog for upcoming 1.0.2.
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