[Dibbler-devel] Windows port clean-up and update

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Wed Nov 20 15:23:50 CET 2013

On 20.11.2013 14:32, Hernan Martinez wrote:
> Hello Tomek,
> Like you I was also in a conference, I'm back home know from Qt
> Developer Days in San Francisco :-)
Hope you have a good time. SFO is a nice city :)

> So, what about supporting Windows XP3 and above?  Indeed I've read
> online about NT4 and 2k support, but like you said the support is horrible.
We definitely need to support XPs. As far as I can tell, Dibbler is the
only way to run DHCPv6 client on them. I'm not sure about the server,
but it is also a possibility. I know that Microsoft is terminating
support for XP sometime in 2014, but they are still very popular.

Oh, can you go over the last couple mails on dibbler list? One guy
reported that Dibbler works on Windows 2012 when run from console, but
fails to start when run as a service. Can you contact him and check what
the problem is? It is possible that he was using older code version,
without your fixes.


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