[Dibbler-devel] Windows port clean-up and update

Hernan Martinez hernan.c.martinez at gmail.com
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Hello Tomek,

Like you I was also in a conference, I'm back home know from Qt Developer
Days in San Francisco :-)

So, what about supporting Windows XP3 and above?  Indeed I've read online
about NT4 and 2k support, but like you said the support is horrible.


On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 12:10 PM, <hernan.c.martinez at gmail.com> wrote:

>  I totally agree with targeting Windows XP.
> Yes, I asked about Windows 7 SP1 because I intend to switch to Visual
> Studio 2013 Express ( I already did on my branch ) and for development it
> needs to be Windows 7 SP1, but we can target all the way down to Windows XP
> SP2. I've chosen VS 2013 because it does have way better C99 compliance (
> has built-in _Bool, stdint.h, etc ). I have VMware and at least one
> version, x86 or x64, of each windows version to test it.
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> On 28.10.2013 20:44, hernan.c.martinez at gmail.com wrote:
> > @Tomek, also let me ask, if I may, which windows version you have
> > installed to compile dibbler? Do you have at least Windows 7 w/ SP1 ?
> I have Windows 7 64bit, it is patched up to date, so I think it has SP1
> on it. If not, I'm willing to install it. Sorry, I boot Windows rarely
> and usually for gaming only :)
> I also have a VM somewhere with Win8 prerelease that I downloaded from
> Microsoft. That was before the it was released. Not sure if it still
> functional or not. I have not booted it up in months.
> I'm not sure if you're asking because of the VS support as a development
> platform or which OSes we should support.
> However, I would very much like to keep XP and Vista compatibility.
> While XP market share is declining, Dibbler seems to be the only way to
> run DHCPv6 on XP. Vista has client built-in, but I think it doesn't have
> the server or relay. Since helping IPv6 adoption was one of the goals of
> Dibbler, I would not like to drop that support.
> It is interesting on how far back we can go with the support. A long,
> long time ago there was an patch from Microsoft that was called IPv6
> technology preview. It was for Windows 2000, but could also be installed
> on NT4 with some hacking. One crazy guy compiled Dibbler on it. And it
> partially run! The IPv6 stack was broken. I think it didn't allow to
> join multicast groups (or send to multicast addresses). I don't
> remember, but it was hilarious to have IPv6 on such an old stuff.
> The code for this is in Port-winnt2k. We definitely may ignore it. I'm
> keeping it around just for sentimental purposes.
> Tomek

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