2006-11-04: Ok, bunch of small improvements to announce. Due to mailing list problems, 0.5.0 announcement was somewhat quiet. Nevertheless since the release, one important bug was reported - elapsed option had invalid length. This only affected interoperability cases, e.g. when client was dibbler and server was some other DHCPv6 implementation. This issue has been fixed. I have also received 2 user requests. One of them was to implement support for different DUID types, especially link-layer address. This causes DUID to be generated is a predicable way (i.e. Ethernet MAC address only). Although this behavior slightly violates specs, it is very useful, when someone restores system from an image (that is common practice in campuses or university labs). You always know, what DUID will be generated after system restore. Another improvement since 0.5.0 is a support for vendor-specific information option. Dibbler does not use informations conveyed in this option, so this support will be useful in an interoperability scenario. The last improvement is a support for prefix deletation. Well, most of it. Although I was able to run it, it is not ready for end users. But if you are eager to try some fresh, not exacly solid stable code, here is your chance. Take a look at example configuration files. Code with all those features is available in the Download:unstable section. Enjoy.

2006-10-06: There are 3 news to announce today. 1. New 0.5.0 version of the Dibbler software has been released. New features are DNS Updates mechanism+FQDN option, support for temporary addresses and a server cache. As usual, documentation has been updated, but this time the changes since 0.4.2 are rather huge. 2. I'm going for a business trip and a vacation, so I'm afraid dibbler support will not be available in the following 2 weeks. 3. Preliminary support for prefix delegation is available in the CVS repository. If you are interested, feel free to download and try it. Enjoy and see you in two weeks.

2006-09-20: Right now domain is affected by heavy issues with Intenet Service Provider and might be unavailable. This situation sould be resolved by the end of October. Till then, you are very lucky if you can read it. I'd also like to warn that mail communication with domain is not reliable right now, so mails might be lost without any traces. On the bright side, implementation of the prefix delegation goes quite well and working code will be released shortly.

2006-08-30: After a looong time, new release process has been started. As usual, first version is released as a so called Release Candidate 1. Final release is to be expected within two weeks. New features are DNS updates - both server and client are capable of performing DNS Updates. As specified in the spec, server is also able to make both forward (AAAA record) and reverse (PTR record) updates. Another useful feature is server caching. Server remembers (and stores it between restarts) what address client has received previously and will try to assign the same address every time. Last important enhancement is support for temporary addresses. Currently source code and Linux build is available. Windows version will be available shortly. Note that although those features are described in User's Guide, full documanetation update is not yet complete. Full up-to-date docs will be included in the 0.5.0 release. So... enjoy, test and report all issues.

2006-07-28: Due to increased interest in running Dibbler on embedded platforms, several new features are currently being added. Parts of the Dibbler are now optional, configuration can be embedded into client instead of read from a file. Additional functionality is under development.

2006-07-15: Work on the next release is well underway. New features are Dynamic DNS Updates, Temporary Address support, large documentation cleanup and enhancement. Also lots of smaller bugs will be fixed and new improvements will be added. If you are interested in testing those features before actual release, take a look at download/unstable section of this page or say so on the mailing list.

2006-03-05: Things started to happen pretty quick. Team from Enseeiht university in France has implemented DNS updates support. That support has been merged into top CVS branch, so more skilled users can download and test it. Support for temporary addresses is now present in this branch, so feel free to test both of them. But be warned: this merge was not tested at all. That support must be improved and properly tested before it even reaches RC (release candidate) phase. Another news: Dibbler is part of the Debian distro for less than week and first bug report was sent. Luckily it is related to deb post-uninstall procedure, so there's not much to be worried about.

2006-02-28: Dibbler has been accepted into Debian GNU/Linux distribution! Since today, all Debian users to install Dibbler, may use standard Debian installation tools like apt-get or aptitude. I'd like to thank Bartosz 'Fenio' Fenski for his huge support and actual upload of the packages. Side effect is that Dibbler is now available for another bunch of architectures like ARM, m68k and S390. This concludes long process of improving project visibility, so I don't expect to spend any more time on trying to push Dibbler into other distro. Right now, I'll focus on merging FQDN support and finishing temporary address features. So stay tuned. Enjoy Debian users. One important thing: the 0.4.2 version was release to specificaly meet Debian Free Software Guidelines. It consists only of added headers and copyrights in the source code, so no bugfixes or new functionality was added. In short: for all users 0.4.2 is the same as 0.4.1.

2006-01-25: Dibbler packages was rejected as Debian proposed packages, again. This time it was because of RFC files present in the source archive. But I will never, ever give up. Third attempt is under way. Mailing list for people participating in the Dibbler project has been started. Although I have not yet received any code, there are two promising threads: FQDN (hello, France!) and security (hello, Turkey!). In my spare time I'm developing support for temporary addresses. Ok, that's all for now.

2005-09-20: After over nine months of hard work, Dibbler has been accepted in Gentoo. As for today, Dibbler is part of the Gentoo Linux distibution. It was also confirmed that Dibbler runs on hppa architecture under Linux. After almost 3 years, dibbler finally finds its way to mainstream, as it is already present in 2 Linux distros: PLD Linux and Gentoo. Next stop: Debian! :)

2005-09-05: My ISP has some major problems. All server room equipment was stolen, so I (and this site) went offline for several days. To prevent such unfortunate circumstances in the future, I have uploaded Dibbler to the It might be easier to download from sourceforge as they have... well, better Internet provider.

2005-08-07: Finally, I'm proud to announce immediate release of the 0.4.1 version. This release was delayed, however there was a good reason for this. Dibbler has been ported to yet another systems. Windows NT4 and 2000 are now experimentally supported. (That is almost entirely merit of someone known as Sob - Thanks). Besides that, relay functionality is greatly improved, docs are now up to date and contain much more useful examples and one nasty (as well as lots of less critical) bugs were fixed. Linux distro-specific (rpm,deb and gentoo port) packages will be released soon. So... download and enjoy!

2005-07-17: Ok, I'm currently stuck with trying to compile Dibbler using MS Visual Studio 2005. It takes MUCH longer than I have expected, so the estimated release date is obviously not accurate. This "wonderful" software is unable to compile even such simple things as files with mixed dos/unix end-of-lines... As this website uses polite vocabulary, no more comments on this subject will be posted.

2005-07-11: Let me explain, why things been slow latety. I went to Croatia for a conference and a few days of vacation. When I came back, I was sent on a over week business trip. Now I'm back and I'm going to get things back on track. First step: As promised some time ago, article and presentation is available for download (see download section). The thing worth to mention is that the next release is expected on Friday, July 15.

2005-06-07: I have wrote an article about Dibbler and it was accepted on Contel'2005 conference held in Zagreb, Croatia in June 15-17 (My presentation will be held on 15th, see a detailed program). It is strictly forbidden to publish article before conference presentation, so I can't give it away... yet. If you would like to hear a word or two about Dibbler and future plans, like to exchange thoughts or just say Hello, feel free to join. After the conference I intend to have some really good time on the beach. So don't expect to have any bugs fixed in a following two weeks, I'll be on vacation! Yeah!

2005-06-06: Bernie Volz reported some time ago a weird behavior - windows clients,servers and relays sometimes died quietly. I was able to pinpoint cause of this problem. Fix is already checked in CVS.

2005-05-10: Andre Stolze from the JOIN project has reported that there are problems with interoperability with Cisco relays. He also provided me with a patch that fixes this problem. Thanks! Updated snapshot is available in the Download/unstable section. Please test it and let me know if it works. It gets harder and harder to verify/fix various bugs as I only have plain and kinda old x86 machines. Oh well.

2005-05-03: Jimmy Ott pointed out that relays use link-local instead of global (or site scoped) addresses, and therefore relaying sometimes does not work. This was a quick fix. Source, Linux and Windows binaries are (or soon will be) available in the download/unstable section. Enjoy.

2005-05-02: I have finally managed to find some free time (luckily, there's national holiday on May 3rd, and we have something extremly cool called long weekend), 4 computers and did some serious debugging. I have successfully communicated server and client over just two relays, but additional relays should work fine. Several people asked for this functionality, so I'm placing a unofficial version (0.4.0-CVS) in the download section.

2005-04-22: Dibbler was successfully run on Mipsel architecture! It has been ported to Linksys wireless router WRT54G. Florian Fainelli has provided a package. See download section for details and links. Several people reported that there are some unresolved issues with relays. Of course there are. 0.4.0 is the first version providing relays. I have lots of various important things to do. I will fix those relay problems as soon as things settle down a bit. Be patient.

2005-03-15: Ok, I'm proud to report that 0.4.0 release is available. Main advantage of this version is a full relay support. Server supports relay and there is also stand-alone relay provided. In a few days, Linux distro-specific builds will be provided (rpm, deb and ebuild). As for 0.4.0, this version covers all necessary functionalities to take full advantage of the DHCPv6. Several functions are still missing (i.e. support for authentication, reconfiguration and temporary addresses), but they really aren't capabilities used everyday. In fact, they are quite uncommon and therefore I have much doubt if implementing them is worth the costs (improved functionality vs bloated code). If you have any thoughts on this, let me know. In the mean time, download and enjoy!

2005-03-08: 0.4.0 Release Candidate 2 is available. There are essentialy two bugs fixed: first, the essential one is that all earlier versions have constructed Domain List option wrong. Second fix is related to windows: when non-existing interface was specified in the config file, server or client crashed. Well, not anymore. I'd like to thank Bernie Volz for his bug reports.

2005-02-03: 0.4.0 Release Candidate 1 is available for download. Besides the usual stuff (bug fixed, documentation improvements) it is the first release with stand alone relay. Relay was tested and appears to be working both in Linux and Windows environments. Server was also enhanced to support relays. Windows services are now fully controllable via command line interface. Linux daemons control is also much more reliable. It is also worth noting that this is the first release being offered in Debian packages (both binary and source). If there will be no bugs detected or reported, final 0.4.0 version will be avaiable in about two weeks. Ok, download, use and enjoy!

2005-01-25: PLD developer Sardzent confirmed that Dibbler works on AMD64 and Sparc. Binary RPMs for those architectures are available in the PLD 2.0 distro in the test section. Links are available in the Download section. Enjoy.

2005-01-24: Dibbler 0.3.1 was merged into PLD Linux distribution (to test section). Automated PLD builders have processed Dibbler sources and built it on i386, i686 archtecture. Oh well, nothing new. But they also successfully build Dibbler on Alpha, AMD64, Sparc and PowerPC architectures. Inbelivable!

2005-01-14: Preliminary version of relay is ready. You can find it in the CVS repository. I have placed CVS snapshot in the download section. Note that this is a very early version working on Linux system only. It probably won't even compile on Windows, so don't bother to try. Another news: I have contated PLD developer named Sardzent, who modified spec file to suit PLD requirements. If everything will work ok, Dibbler will be incorporated in PLD Linux 2.0 repository. Thanks, Sardzent!

2005-01-13: Marcin Kaminski from PCSS has been working on RPM packages for PLD Linux distribution. They can be downloaded on this site: It's great to see that Dibbler is gaining popularity.

2005-01-12: Relaying support implementation is progressing rapidly. Server supporting relays is already present in CVS. If you want to test and use it, let me know (there are no docs about config file format yet). Note that relay is not present, so to use it, one needs a relay. There was one available for Linux systems on the, but this site appears to be down. Oh well.

2004-12-30: 0.3.1 version in now available for download. This is a bugfix release. If you are able to use 0.3.0, you don't need to upgrade. There were 2 things fixed: interface initialization (problems with downed sit interfaces) and PDF documentation no longer looks weird. An interesting fact to note is that first steps were taken to include Dibbler in the Gentoo Linux distribution (see 76084 in the Gentoo bug tracking system). For those impatient Gentoo users, there is a ebuild available to download with short instructions how to use it.

2004-12-24: It came to my attention that documentation generated (PDF files) looks ugly on some systems. There is also one report that 0.3.0 client refuses to run, so I suppose there will be 0.3.1 version available shortly. Few days after Christmas I suppose. Once again - Merry Christmas.

2004-12-16: Final version 0.3.0 is available for download. Besides implementing various new options, huge amount of bugs were fixed. Also this is the first version, which is available in a such variety of package types: RPM for RedHat/Fedora Core folks, deb for Debian fans and ... oh well, and clickable Windows installer for those, who are using the wrong system ;) To download specific package, use link denoted [rpm], [deb] or [installer] in download section of this page. Keep in mind that they were my first RPM, DEB and windows installer created, so they might have some rough edges. As usual, all improvements and fixes were mentioned in the CHANGELOG file. Ok, that would be all. Next release is expected to arrive at ca. end of february 2005. Until then... merry christmas and happy new year!

2004-11-30: Eight bugs were fixed today and new, hopefully final, version of the Ethereal parser was prepared. Things are progressing quite fast those days. However, there are still a lots of bugs to fix before stable version can be released.

2004-11-25: After receiving SIP option bug report, I've investigated it and found out that Ethereal improperly parses SIP option. One evening later I have fixed this problem and have added various improvements to the Ethereal DHCPv6 parsing routines. You can download that improved version form the Download section. I'll send it to the authors as soon as I finish my improvements. Also SIP problem is fixed in the CVS version. This will be included in next release, 0.3.0-RC3. After that, all bugs detected during PCSS tests will be fixed, and stable 0.3.0 version will be released.

2004-11-15: PCSS team and Simon Turvey pointed out two important bugs in the 0.3.0-RC1 release. Both of them were fixed and now Dibbler has much improved interoperability and properly initializes sockets (Linux). I'd like to thank all people in the PCSS testing team. You've done a great job. As soon as I find some time, I'll address all those issues you've pointed to.

2004-11-02: So here it is: new 0.3.0 Release Candidate 1. RC1 means simply that I didn't have time to test it properly. What's new? Lots of new options supported: SIP-SERVERS, SIP-DOMAINS, NIS-SERVERS, NIS-DOMAIN, NIS+-SERVERS, NIS+-DOMAINS and LIFETIME. The least is especially nice, because it allows client to periodicaly refresh recevied option values. Also parsers were improved - they are now more verbose in case of invalid configuration files. So, enjoy and be sure to send some feedback.

2004-10-17: Things have been happening very quickly lately. Due to some secret reasons, I've started intensive work on stateless functionality. I'm currently implementing various aspects of additional option configuration. There will be several more options supported. How many? Well, lots of them :) When this improved version will be released? Before end of the october. Be patient.

2004-10-06: 0.2.1-RC1 has been released. There are several important changes in this version: Windows version uses netsh.exe instead of depreciated ipv6.exe, so it should work without problems on Windows XP and 2003. This version also supports unicast communication and has an ugly rapid commit bug fixed. I don't have any time to spend on Dibbler any time soon, so I've decived to go with Release Candidate. It contains not yet finished Developer's guide and is barely tested. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy and be sure to send some feedback.

2004-07-17: 0.2.0 has been released. This version has a great number of bug fixes, small improvements and changes. It also has a real documentation. Consider this release as stable. It concludes long bug fixing and code stabilisation phase. I need some rest and will start work on new features in 2 or 3 weeks. In the mean time, enjoy this release. Be sure to send me short note if it is working, and what would like to be implemented first.

2004-07-12: Release Candidate 2 for 0.2.0 has been released. Few bugs were fixed. Full 0.2.0 version will be released in serveral days. Minor changes on the website. I'm doing a domain delegation change, so expect problems with accessing this webpage in a few days.

2004-07-06: Release Candidate 1 for 0.2.0 has been released. This version included huge amount of bugfixes and improvements. After short testing (serveral days) final 0.2.0 will be released. This will end stabilisation period. Development (i.e. new features) will follow soon. In the mean time, feel free to download, test and use this RC1. Keep in mind that config file syntax has changed slightly since 0.1.1. See docs for details.

2004-06-20: Nasty bug, which caused Linux server to occasionally crash, was finally fixed. It took almost half a year to find it, and a month to fix it. I had to rewrite large part of address management code on server side. It means that 0.2.0 release is coming soon. What's new? Here's quick list: config file logic changed (no-config is no longer needed), a real (20+ pages) documentation, server now supports IA without IAADDR, system interface management is greatly improved (no more stupid "interface is loopback, down, not multicast-capable or not present in the system"), lots of parser improvements and many, many more. Be aware that there are few exams I have to pass, so almost all my free time I spend on books and notes, so exact 0.2.0 release is yet unknown.

2004-04-09: Server (Linux version) appear to have some elusive bug, which results in SEGSERV. Problem is that on my machine everything works fine. Anyway, bug hunting is in progress... As for now, there are 2 workarounds for this problem: if you are using gcc-3.x, link with Electric Fence (uncomment EFENCE variable in If you are using gcc-2.x, everything should be working fine. Software requirements section of this webpage was updated and clarified.

2004-04-04: Bugzilla has been launched to track all bugs and feature requests. If you find new bugs, PLEASE report it. Without any feedback, I'm unable to fix errors. Bugzilla is available at Also mailing list was created. Send mail with "subscribe" to to subscribe. Webpage has new layout now. Enjoy.

2004-03-31: Today almost 30 students used Dibbler both on Windows and Linux. Overall outcome is rather good, but many bugs were discovered and various usability deficiencies were noted. If time permits, all of this will be addressed in next version, which will be released soon (a week or two).

2004-03-30: Version 0.1.1 has been published. It's mainly bug-fixes release. Windows users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. It appears to be a lot more stable. One big company is interested in Dibbler code. However, they demand licence change. Talks are in progress, but outcome is hardly predictable.

2004-02-28: Finally, after 9 months, first official version is available. WinXP version is ready to download, too.

2004-01-30: First release is really close. Release Candidate 1 is available for download. This version stores DNS and domain info in /etc/resolv.conf properly. During shutdown, client deletes only lines appended, not just revert to backup file. Peaceful coexistence with other daemons (e.g. pppd) should not pose any problems.