2009-12-01: Dibbler source code has been migrated from CVS to SVN.

2009-03-09: 0.7.3 has been released. The immediate reason to release this version is that

compilation error under Linux with libc6,version 2.8 is fixed. Also, some new features are added

and bunch of old bugs fixed: new timezone option support added, syslog support added, interface-ids

other that 4 bytes long are now supported, empty FQDN option problem fixed, client classification

added, /etc/resolv.conf support improved and one race condition under Linux fixed. As it was released

in a hurry, testing of this release is very limited. Please use with care.

2008-09-05: Windows binaries for 0.7.2 are now available. They support XP, 2003 and Vista.

2008-08-31: Dibbler 0.7.2 have been released. There are several new features added:

external scripts may no be executed, DNS configuration is now working properly under XP/Vista,

new extra options may be configured, experimental CONFIRM support, client's hints in FQDN may now

be accepted. And traditional bunch of bug fixes, of course. There's also one significant difference.

This version is released under GNU GPL v2 only, not v2 or later. That is for companies that

may have legal concerns with "GPL v2 or later" and GPLv3.

2008-08-12: Small update this time: New DEB packages (0.7.1-2) have been released.

2008-06-22: I'm proud to announce immediate release of 0.7.1 version. Instead of re-releasing

outdated 0.7.0 I've decided to go ahead with new features and release 0.7.1. Among new features

are leasequery and experimental authentication. It is also worth mentioning that Microsoft Vista is

now supported. As usual, numerous bug fixes and small improvements were made and documentation was

updated. Download and enjoy.

2008-03-24: Although no news have been added and no new releases become available recently,

development is progressing in a quite fast pace. Megapatch by Michal Kowalczuk has been finally

merged. So dibbler now supports authentication and authorization. Yay! Several new features have

been added for relay scenarios. Relays may now be configured to add remote-id and/or echo-request

options. Server now supports both options.

This and results from Philly meeting strongly suggest that going ahead with 0.7.0,

would in fact mean releasing outdated code. I'm thinking rather to skip 0.7.0 and

release auth+0.8.0-RC1 instead. To be precise, 0.7.0 was released in the source code form,

but I don't expect to prepare any binary packages.

2007-12-31: After a few months, new version is being prepared. First release candidate for 0.7.0 has been released.

The biggest change is support for leasequery. Also numerous bugfixes found during second DHCPv6 bakeoff meetings have been


2007-12-03: Things seem to be quiet lately. I'm on a 2 month business trip (which has been extended slightly), so the

time I can devote to Dibbler is limited. What's worse, I have access to my laptop only, so even executing simple client-server

scenario is somewhat problematic. Neverthless, I'm coding support for recently published RFC5007: leasequery. It is

almost functional, but there are still a few bugs to troubleshoot. It will be ready very soon.

2007-09-27: A few small things to announce: I have updated sourgeforge.net files, new WIN32 binary for 0.6.1 version added. Also, I'm starting over 2 months long business trip. I won't be able to spend as much time on the Dibbler project as before. Also, I will have my laptop only available. Those two factors may cause this project to be stalled for a while. But rest assured. It will not die. Ok, now the great news: I'm gonna see California. Yay! Ok, ok. That was a great news for me only. :)

2007-09-11: Good news, everyone! The next stable version, 0.6.1, has been released. Most changes are related to security flaws, so upgrade is strongly recommended. Sources and Linux binaries are ready, but more tagests/platforms wiil be prepared sortly. Enjoy.

2007-07-05: Security fix: Two issues has been reported, both present in the 0.6.0 version. All dibbler components (client, server and relay) are not able to handle properly maliciously formed messages. This could lead to remote denial of service (resulting in dibbler crash). Dibbler also created world writable files in /var/lib/dibbler in the Linux environment. Latest snapshot (dated 2007-07-05) fixes both of this issues. Thanks to Mu Security Team and Tero Pelander for reporting those problems.

2007-06-22: New packages for Debian with 0.6.0 version have been prepared. They were uploaded to unstable some time ago. Besides several Debian related fixes, there are also new debconf translations: French and Portuguese.

2007-05-08: After 7 months of hard work, several release candidates,

2 day test session and countless number of coding hours, Dibbler 0.6.0 has

been released. List of changes and new features is rather impressive: Support

for prefix delegation, vendor-specific information, all DUID types and anonymous

INF-REQUESTS has been added. Client is now able to properly support not ready

(e.g. not yet associated WiFi interfaces). Server now properly supports more

than one relay connected in cascade. Relay operation has also been improved.

And we has common announcements: lots of bugfixes and improved documentation.

This time Dibbler User's Guide is 60+ pages long and contains pictures and

diagrams. Ok, download and enjoy!

2007-03-31: There are two major things to announce. First, I was invited to participate in the DHCPv6 interop test session

held in RIPE, Amsterdam. There were 7 vendors and open source implementation available. It was great experience to test so

many different solutions. 15 issues related to the spec itself has been found. They has been discussed during IETF meeting in

Prague. Also, I was able to locate over 10 problems in the dibbler code itself. Luckily, only one of them was critical (i.e. resulted

in server crash). Since that event took place on March 15th-16th, I had enough time to fix most of those bugs. And that

is second news to be announced: 0.6.0 Release Candidate 4 has been released. Besides numerous bugfixes, new client features has

been added. It is now possible to generate DUID-EN type. Client is able to support downed/not associated interfaces. It is also

possible to switch client to a insist-mode. It means that, in case of not receiving requested option, client will insist to get

it anyway, from other servers for example. Also, last note: My ISP has changed links, so klub's IPv4 address has changed, so

right now there is a domain delegation taking place. It may take some time before all changes are propagated to remote DNS

servers. However, since you are reading this, you already have updated domain info.

2007-03-10: Another snapshot has been prepared. This time there is a new feature in dibbler-relay. When relay receives

data from clients, it encapsulates, adds interface-id option and forwards the data to server. Server should respond with message

containing the same interface-id option. This information will be used by relay to properly choose appropriate interface.

However, there are faulty server implementations (luckily, dibbler is not one of them), which does not send interface-id

option, thus confusing relay. To overcome this problem, relay has to "guess" the original interface the request

has been sent on. This is achieved using guess-mode. By the way: In the following week I'll be on a short vacation and interop

test session, so I'll probably won't answer any emails.

2007-03-04: Although there were no announcements lately, things are not exactly dead. I have fixed several issues today.

Client now behaves properly when server stops responding and REBIND procedure fails. Large (as in 4 bilions) timeouts does

not confuse client anymore. Also server does not crash when FQDN is enabled, but there are no DNS servers defined. A small

new feature also has been added: in a stateless mode, it is now possible to send INF-REQUEST messages without client-id.

If you are interested, snapshot with all those fixes is available. And finally, small announcement: for some mysterious

reason 0.6.0 will be built on March 14th. So if you want to test dibbler, now is a very good time.

2007-02-07: Binary versions for Windows XP/2003 and NT/2000 have been prepared. Clickable installators are available

as well. I have also uploaded new version to sourceforge.

2007-02-04: First Release Candidate for 0.6.0 has been released. I believe it is very stable and lots of bug fixes

has been included, so it's recommended to upgrade. Also if you are interested in prefix delegation, vendor-specific information

options, per-client configuration, that's the release for you. If you have experienced interoperability issues related to

elapsed option, you should upgrade. User's Guide has also been updated - besides much improved "Features HOWTO"

section, several figures has been added. In the upcoming days, I'll generate packages for various distributions and

installation wizards for Windows. Final 0.6.0 version will be released after additional testing. So if you experience

ANY problems, be sure to report it. If that version will work for you, also let me know.

2007-02-02: I have just finished last feature scheduled for the next release. In the upcoming weekend I'll do some testing

and first release candidate for 0.6.0 will be released.

2007-01-30: Michal "Sammael" Kowalczuk has provided dibbler packages for OpenWRT.

Dibbler 0.5.0 packages are available in the download section. Scripts for generating ipk packages has been added to the CVS

repository. Thanks. I know that there is at least one person in Thailand, who will be very happy about that :)

Also things are progressing quite smoothly. Several development snapshots has been created and preparation for releasing

0.6.0 version will start soon.

2007-01-04: Although there were no announcements lately, dibbler development is progressing well.

Support for prefix delegation has been implemented and is more or less functional, i.e. client can request for,

and server will provide prefixes (this also includes support for multiple prefixes for the same client).

Client will configure those prefixes on the interface and will also generate radvd.conf file. (Sorry Windows users,

this works in Linux only.). Vendor-specific information option support has been improved. Now several values

for different vendors may be defined. Also it is now possible to define per-client configuration on the server

size (so called exceptions). So as you see, dibbler development in not stagnant :) That would be all for today.

Happy new year!