Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6  1.0.2RC1
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TRelMsg Class Reference

#include <RelMsg.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TRelMsg (int iface, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr, char *data, int dataLen)
virtual bool check ()=0
void decodeOpts (char *data, int dataLen)
SPtr< TIPv6AddrgetDestAddr ()
int getDestIface ()
int getHopCount ()
void setDestination (int ifindex, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > dest)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TMsg
 TMsg (int iface, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr, int msgType)
 TMsg (int iface, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr, int msgType, long transID)
 TMsg (int iface, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr, char *&buf, int &bufSize)
virtual ~TMsg ()
void addOption (SPtr< TOpt > opt)
void calculateDigests (char *buffer, size_t len)
int countOption ()
void firstOption ()
TKey getAuthKey ()
SPtr< TOptDUIDgetClientID () const
 returns client-id option (if present)
int getIface ()
SPtr< TIPv6AddrgetLocalAddr ()
virtual std::string getName () const =0
void * getNotifyScriptParams ()
SPtr< TOptgetOption (int type) const
virtual SPtr< TOptgetOption ()
TOptListgetOptLst ()
SPtr< TOptOptionRequestgetORO () const
 returns ORO (if present)
SPtr< TIPv6AddrgetRemoteAddr ()
SPtr< TOptDUIDgetServerID () const
 returns server-id option (if present)
virtual int getSize ()
uint32_t getSPI ()
virtual unsigned long getTimeout ()
long getTransID ()
long getType ()
bool isDone ()
bool isDone (bool done)
bool loadAuthKey ()
void setAuthDigestPtr (char *ptr, unsigned len)
void setAuthKey (const TKey &key)
void setLocalAddr (SPtr< TIPv6Addr > myaddr)
void setSPI (uint32_t val)
virtual int storeSelf (char *buffer)
bool validateAuthInfo (char *buf, int bufSize, AuthProtocols proto, const DigestTypesLst &acceptedDigestTypes)

Protected Attributes

SPtr< TIPv6AddrDestAddr
int DestIface
int HopCount
- Protected Attributes inherited from TMsg
unsigned AuthDigestLen_
char * AuthDigestPtr_
TKey AuthKey_
int Iface
bool IsDone
SPtr< TIPv6AddrLocalAddr_
 Address the packet was received on.
int MsgType
TOptList::iterator NextOpt
TOptList Options
SPtr< TIPv6AddrPeerAddr_
uint32_t SPI_
long TransID

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from TMsg
DigestTypes DigestType_
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TMsg
virtual bool check (bool clntIDmandatory, bool srvIDmandatory)
bool delOption (int code)
void setAttribs (int iface, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr, int msgType, long transID)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TRelMsg::TRelMsg ( int  iface,
SPtr< TIPv6Addr addr,
char *  data,
int  dataLen 

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool TRelMsg::check ( )
pure virtual
void TRelMsg::decodeOpts ( char *  data,
int  dataLen 
SPtr< TIPv6Addr > TRelMsg::getDestAddr ( )
int TRelMsg::getDestIface ( )
int TRelMsg::getHopCount ( )
void TRelMsg::setDestination ( int  ifindex,
SPtr< TIPv6Addr dest 

Member Data Documentation

SPtr<TIPv6Addr> TRelMsg::DestAddr
int TRelMsg::DestIface
int TRelMsg::HopCount

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