Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6  1.0.2RC1
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TClntOptTA Class Reference

#include <ClntOptTA.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TClntOptTA (unsigned int iaid, TMsg *parent)
 TClntOptTA (char *buf, int bufsize, TMsg *parent)
 TClntOptTA (SPtr< TAddrIA > ta, TMsg *parent)
 ~TClntOptTA ()
int countAddr ()
bool doDuties ()
void firstAddr ()
SPtr< TOptIAAddressgetAddr ()
SPtr< TOptIAAddressgetAddr (SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr)
int getStatusCode ()
bool isValid () const
void setContext (int iface, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > clntAddr)
void setIface (int iface)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TOptTA
 TOptTA (uint32_t iaid, TMsg *parent)
 TOptTA (char *&buf, int &bufsize, TMsg *parent)
int countAddrs ()
unsigned long getIAID ()
unsigned long getMaxValid ()
size_t getSize ()
char * storeSelf (char *buf)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TOpt
 TOpt (int optType, TMsg *parent)
virtual ~TOpt ()
void addOption (TOptPtr opt)
int countOption ()
void delAllOptions ()
bool delOption (uint16_t type)
 Deletes all specified options of that type.
void firstOption ()
TOptPtr getOption (int type)
TOptPtr getOption ()
int getOptType ()
virtual std::string getPlain ()
void setParent (TMsg *Parent)

Private Member Functions

void releaseAddr (long IAID, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr)

Private Attributes

SPtr< TIPv6AddrAddr
int Iface

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TOpt
enum  EOptionLayout {
  Layout_Addr, Layout_AddrLst, Layout_String, Layout_StringLst,
  Layout_Duid, Layout_Generic
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TOpt
static TOptPtr getOption (const TOptList &list, uint16_t opt_type)
static bool parseOptions (TOptContainer &options, const char *buf, size_t len, TMsg *parent, uint16_t placeId=0, std::string place="option")
 Parses options or suboptions, creates appropriate objects and store them in options container.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TOpt
static const size_t OPTION6_HDR_LEN = 4
 length of a DHCPv6 option header
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TOpt
int getSubOptSize ()
char * storeHeader (char *buf)
char * storeSubOpt (char *buf)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TOptTA
uint32_t IAID_
bool Valid_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TClntOptTA::TClntOptTA ( unsigned int  iaid,
TMsg parent 

Constructor used during

TClntOptTA::TClntOptTA ( char *  buf,
int  bufsize,
TMsg parent 

Constructor used during option reception

TClntOptTA::TClntOptTA ( SPtr< TAddrIA ta,
TMsg parent 
TClntOptTA::~TClntOptTA ( )

Member Function Documentation

int TClntOptTA::countAddr ( )
bool TClntOptTA::doDuties ( )

This function sets everything in motion, i.e. sets up temporary addresses


Reimplemented from TOptTA.

void TClntOptTA::firstAddr ( )
SPtr< TOptIAAddress > TClntOptTA::getAddr ( )
SPtr< TOptIAAddress > TClntOptTA::getAddr ( SPtr< TIPv6Addr addr)


int TClntOptTA::getStatusCode ( )

Reimplemented from TOptTA.

bool TClntOptTA::isValid ( ) const

Validate the option

true if the option is valid.

Reimplemented from TOptTA.

void TClntOptTA::releaseAddr ( long  IAID,
SPtr< TIPv6Addr addr 
void TClntOptTA::setContext ( int  iface,
SPtr< TIPv6Addr clntAddr 
void TClntOptTA::setIface ( int  iface)

Member Data Documentation

SPtr<TIPv6Addr> TClntOptTA::Addr
int TClntOptTA::Iface

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