Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6  1.0.2RC1
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1 extern int print_linkinfo(const struct sockaddr_nl *who,
2  struct nlmsghdr *n,
3  void *arg);
4 extern int print_addrinfo(const struct sockaddr_nl *who,
5  struct nlmsghdr *n,
6  void *arg);
7 extern int print_neigh(const struct sockaddr_nl *who,
8  struct nlmsghdr *n, void *arg);
9 extern int ipaddr_list(int argc, char **argv);
10 extern int ipaddr_list_link(int argc, char **argv);
11 extern int iproute_monitor(int argc, char **argv);
12 extern void iplink_usage(void) __attribute__((noreturn));
13 extern void iproute_reset_filter(void);
14 extern void ipaddr_reset_filter(int);
15 extern void ipneigh_reset_filter(void);
16 extern int print_route(const struct sockaddr_nl *who,
17  struct nlmsghdr *n, void *arg);
18 extern int print_prefix(const struct sockaddr_nl *who,
19  struct nlmsghdr *n, void *arg);
20 extern int do_ipaddr(int argc, char **argv);
21 extern int do_iproute(int argc, char **argv);
22 extern int do_iprule(int argc, char **argv);
23 extern int do_ipneigh(int argc, char **argv);
24 extern int do_iptunnel(int argc, char **argv);
25 extern int do_iplink(int argc, char **argv);
26 extern int do_ipmonitor(int argc, char **argv);
27 extern int do_multiaddr(int argc, char **argv);
28 extern int do_multiroute(int argc, char **argv);
29 extern int do_xfrm(int argc, char **argv);
31 extern struct rtnl_handle rth;