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rr_type Struct Reference

Resource Record information. More...

#include <rr.h>

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Public Attributes

_rr_flags flags
 flags for the RR
char name [9]
 RR type name.
char properties [9]
 list of properties for the RR type
u_int16 type
 RR type code.

Detailed Description

Resource Record information.

The rr_type structure contains information about the information a Resource Record type contains, and how it needs to be handled. It is mainly of interest for the internal RR functions declared in the rr.h header file.

Member Data Documentation

_rr_flags rr_type::flags

flags for the RR

These flags determine how the RR is treated when reading from or writing to a DNS message. See the documentation for _rr_flags for more information.

char rr_type::name[9]

RR type name.

This is the name of the RR type. This information is case-insensitive, though by convention all RR types have an uppercase name.

char rr_type::properties[9]

list of properties for the RR type

This is a string, in which each character stands for a chunk of information in the RR data. Each possible type has its own code: d for a domain name, i for a ip number s for a short number (16-bit unsigned) l for a long number (32-bit unsigned) t for a ttl value (32-bit unsigned; same as l, but different string representation c for a chararacter string h for multiple character strings n for a NULL RR w for a well-known services list 6 for an IPv6 address 7 for an IPv6 prefix m for an email-address. o for LOC information

u_int16 rr_type::type

RR type code.

The 16-bit identifier code for the RR. This is the value that appears directly in DNS messages to identify the RR type.

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