Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6  1.0.2RC1
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types.h File Reference

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#include "dibbler-config.h"
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#define uint16_t   unsigned short
#define uint32_t   unsigned int
#define uint48_t   unsigned long long


typedef const unsigned char * _cdomain
typedef unsigned char * _domain
typedef unsigned short u_int16
typedef char u_int3
typedef unsigned int u_int32
typedef char u_int4
typedef uint64_t u_int48

Detailed Description


Contains some typedefs used in Poslib

Macro Definition Documentation

#define uint16_t   unsigned short
#define uint32_t   unsigned int
#define uint48_t   unsigned long long

Typedef Documentation

typedef const unsigned char* _cdomain

Const domainname

typedef unsigned char* _domain

Represents a binary domain name.

typedef unsigned short u_int16

Represents a 16-bit unsigned number.

typedef char u_int3

Represents an unsigned number containing at least 3 bits.

typedef unsigned int u_int32

Represents a 32-bit unsigned number.

typedef char u_int4

Represents an unsigned number containing at least 4 bits.

typedef uint64_t u_int48

Represents a 48-bit unsigned number.