Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6  1.0.2RC1
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TAddrClient Class Reference

#include <AddrClient.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAddrClient (SPtr< TDUID > duid)
 constructor for creating client
void addIA (SPtr< TAddrIA > ia)
void addPD (SPtr< TAddrIA > ia)
void addTA (SPtr< TAddrIA > ia)
int countIA ()
 returns number of IAs in this client
int countPD ()
int countTA ()
bool delIA (unsigned long IAID)
bool delPD (unsigned long IAID)
bool delTA (unsigned long iaid)
void firstIA ()
void firstPD ()
void firstTA ()
void generateReconfKey ()
SPtr< TAddrIAgetIA ()
 returns next IA
SPtr< TAddrIAgetIA (unsigned long IAID)
unsigned long getLastTimestamp ()
SPtr< TAddrIAgetPD ()
SPtr< TAddrIAgetPD (unsigned long IAID)
unsigned long getPrefTimeout ()
uint64_t getReplayDetectionRcvd ()
uint32_t getSPI ()
unsigned long getT1Timeout ()
unsigned long getT2Timeout ()
SPtr< TAddrIAgetTA ()
SPtr< TAddrIAgetTA (unsigned long iaid)
unsigned long getValidTimeout ()
void setReplayDetectionRcvd (uint64_t val)
void setSPI (uint32_t val)

Public Attributes

std::vector< uint8_t > ReconfKey_
 128 bits of pure randomness used in reconfigure process

Private Attributes

TContainer< SPtr< TAddrIA > > IAsLst
TContainer< SPtr< TAddrIA > > PDLst
uint64_t ReplayDetectionRcvd_
uint32_t SPI_
TContainer< SPtr< TAddrIA > > TALst


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &strum, TAddrClient &x)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAddrClient::TAddrClient ( SPtr< TDUID duid)

constructor for creating client

constructor used for creating client container. Client contains list of IAs, TAs and PDs.

duidClient DUID

Member Function Documentation

void TAddrClient::addIA ( SPtr< TAddrIA ia)
void TAddrClient::addPD ( SPtr< TAddrIA ia)
void TAddrClient::addTA ( SPtr< TAddrIA ia)
int TAddrClient::countIA ( )

returns number of IAs in this client

returns number of IAs in this client

number of IAs
int TAddrClient::countPD ( )
int TAddrClient::countTA ( )
bool TAddrClient::delIA ( unsigned long  IAID)
bool TAddrClient::delPD ( unsigned long  IAID)
bool TAddrClient::delTA ( unsigned long  iaid)
void TAddrClient::firstIA ( )

rewinds IA list to the beginning

void TAddrClient::firstPD ( )
void TAddrClient::firstTA ( )
void TAddrClient::generateReconfKey ( )
SPtr< TDUID > TAddrClient::getDUID ( )
SPtr< TAddrIA > TAddrClient::getIA ( )

returns next IA

returns next IA. Make sure to all firstIA() method before calling getIA() for the first time.

next IA
SPtr< TAddrIA > TAddrClient::getIA ( unsigned long  IAID)
unsigned long TAddrClient::getLastTimestamp ( )
SPtr< TAddrIA > TAddrClient::getPD ( )
SPtr< TAddrIA > TAddrClient::getPD ( unsigned long  IAID)
unsigned long TAddrClient::getPrefTimeout ( )
uint64_t TAddrClient::getReplayDetectionRcvd ( )
uint32_t TAddrClient::getSPI ( )
unsigned long TAddrClient::getT1Timeout ( )
unsigned long TAddrClient::getT2Timeout ( )
SPtr< TAddrIA > TAddrClient::getTA ( )
SPtr< TAddrIA > TAddrClient::getTA ( unsigned long  iaid)
unsigned long TAddrClient::getValidTimeout ( )
void TAddrClient::setReplayDetectionRcvd ( uint64_t  val)
void TAddrClient::setSPI ( uint32_t  val)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  strum,
TAddrClient x 

Member Data Documentation

SPtr<TDUID> TAddrClient::DUID_
TContainer< SPtr<TAddrIA> > TAddrClient::IAsLst
TContainer< SPtr<TAddrIA> > TAddrClient::PDLst
std::vector<uint8_t> TAddrClient::ReconfKey_

128 bits of pure randomness used in reconfigure process

Reconfigure Key nonce is set be the server and the stored by the client. It is later used to check if the reconfigure message came from the same server that initially provided the configuration.

uint64_t TAddrClient::ReplayDetectionRcvd_
uint32_t TAddrClient::SPI_
TContainer< SPtr<TAddrIA> > TAddrClient::TALst

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