Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6  1.0.2RC1
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resolver.h File Reference

Posadis resolver functionality. More...

#include "sysstl.h"
#include "socket.h"
#include "dnsmessage.h"
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class  pos_cliresolver
 resolver for client applications More...
class  pos_resolver
 Posadis abstract resolver class. More...
class  WaitAnswerData


#define Q_DFL   0
 default flags for the pos_resolver::query function
#define Q_NOTCP   1
 'no-tcp' flag for pos_resolver::query

Detailed Description

Posadis resolver functionality.

This file contains the Posadis resolver implementation. It contains the base pos_resolver class, which does not contain the implementation for the resolver. There are two resolver implementations: pos_cliresolver for client programs and pos_srvresolver for server programs.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define Q_DFL   0

default flags for the pos_resolver::query function

This define contains the default flags for the 'flag' parameter of the pos_resolver::query function. This means trying UDP at first, and if the answer is truncated, try TCP next.

#define Q_NOTCP   1

'no-tcp' flag for pos_resolver::query

This flag instructs the pos_resolver::query function not to retry the query using TCP if the UDP answer is truncated. This means the answer returned by the function might be truncated, which can be checked by looking at the DnsMessage::TC flag.