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TOptRtPrefix Class Reference

#include <OptRtPrefix.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TOptRtPrefix (uint32_t lifetime, uint8_t prefixlen, uint8_t metric, SPtr< TIPv6Addr > prefix, TMsg *parent)
 TOptRtPrefix (const char *buf, int bufsize, TMsg *parent)
bool doDuties ()
uint32_t getLifetime ()
uint8_t getMetric ()
std::string getPlain ()
SPtr< TIPv6AddrgetPrefix ()
uint8_t getPrefixLen ()
size_t getSize ()
char * storeSelf (char *buf)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TOpt
 TOpt (int optType, TMsg *parent)
virtual ~TOpt ()
void addOption (TOptPtr opt)
int countOption ()
void delAllOptions ()
bool delOption (uint16_t type)
 Deletes all specified options of that type.
void firstOption ()
TOptPtr getOption (int type)
TOptPtr getOption ()
int getOptType ()
virtual bool isValid () const
void setParent (TMsg *Parent)

Protected Attributes

uint32_t Lifetime
uint8_t Metric
SPtr< TIPv6AddrPrefix
uint8_t PrefixLen
- Protected Attributes inherited from TOpt
int OptType
TOptContainer SubOptions
bool Valid

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TOpt
enum  EOptionLayout {
  Layout_Addr, Layout_AddrLst, Layout_String, Layout_StringLst,
  Layout_Duid, Layout_Generic
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TOpt
static TOptPtr getOption (const TOptList &list, uint16_t opt_type)
static bool parseOptions (TOptContainer &options, const char *buf, size_t len, TMsg *parent, uint16_t placeId=0, std::string place="option")
 Parses options or suboptions, creates appropriate objects and store them in options container.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TOpt
static const size_t OPTION6_HDR_LEN = 4
 length of a DHCPv6 option header
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TOpt
int getSubOptSize ()
char * storeHeader (char *buf)
char * storeSubOpt (char *buf)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TOptRtPrefix::TOptRtPrefix ( uint32_t  lifetime,
uint8_t  prefixlen,
uint8_t  metric,
SPtr< TIPv6Addr prefix,
TMsg parent 
TOptRtPrefix::TOptRtPrefix ( const char *  buf,
int  bufsize,
TMsg parent 

Member Function Documentation

bool TOptRtPrefix::doDuties ( )

Implements TOpt.

uint32_t TOptRtPrefix::getLifetime ( )
uint8_t TOptRtPrefix::getMetric ( )
std::string TOptRtPrefix::getPlain ( )

Reimplemented from TOpt.

SPtr< TIPv6Addr > TOptRtPrefix::getPrefix ( )
uint8_t TOptRtPrefix::getPrefixLen ( )
size_t TOptRtPrefix::getSize ( )

Return the size of the option, including :

  • Option number,
  • Option size
  • data
the size

Implements TOpt.

char * TOptRtPrefix::storeSelf ( char *  buf)

This method transform the instance of the option class into bytecode ready to be sent to the client or server, conform to the RFC

bufThe address where to store the option
The address where the option ends

Implements TOpt.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t TOptRtPrefix::Lifetime
uint8_t TOptRtPrefix::Metric
SPtr<TIPv6Addr> TOptRtPrefix::Prefix
uint8_t TOptRtPrefix::PrefixLen

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