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Port-sun/daemon.h File Reference
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#define SIGINT   2
#define SIGTERM   15


int die (const char *pidfile)
int getClientPID ()
int getPID (char *pidfile)
int getRelayPID ()
int getServerPID ()
int init (const char *pidfile, const char *workdir)
void logEnd ()
void logStart (const char *note, const char *logname, const char *logfile)
int start (const char *pidfile, const char *workdir)
int stop (const char *pidfile)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SIGINT   2
#define SIGTERM   15

Function Documentation

int die ( const char *  pidfile)
int getClientPID ( )
int getPID ( char *  pidfile)
int getRelayPID ( )
int getServerPID ( )
int init ( const char *  pidfile,
const char *  workdir 
: This is Linux specific. It will most likely not work on BSD or Mac OS
: buf needs to fit "/proc/%d/exe", where d is pid_t (on my system it's 20 B exactly with positive PID. However this is not portable.)
: This is linux-specific. It will not work on Solaris
void logEnd ( )

things to do just before end

void logStart ( const char *  note,
const char *  logname,
const char *  logfile 

things to do just after started

int start ( const char *  pidfile,
const char *  workdir 
int stop ( const char *  pidfile)