Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6  1.0.2RC1
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TRelParsGlobalOpt Class Reference

#include <RelParsGlobalOpt.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TRelParsGlobalOpt (void)
 ~TRelParsGlobalOpt (void)
SPtr< TRelOptEchogetEcho ()
bool getGuessMode ()
ERelIfaceIdOrder getInterfaceIDOrder ()
SPtr< TOptVendorDatagetRemoteID ()
std::string getWorkDir ()
void setEcho (SPtr< TRelOptEcho > echo)
void setGuessMode (bool guess)
void setInterfaceIDOrder (ERelIfaceIdOrder order)
void setRemoteID (SPtr< TOptVendorData > remoteID)
void setWorkDir (std::string dir)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TRelParsIfaceOpt
 TRelParsIfaceOpt (void)
 ~TRelParsIfaceOpt (void)
bool getClientMulticast ()
SPtr< TIPv6AddrgetClientUnicast ()
int getInterfaceID ()
bool getServerMulticast ()
SPtr< TIPv6AddrgetServerUnicast ()
void setClientMulticast (bool unicast)
void setClientUnicast (SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr)
void setInterfaceID (int id)
void setServerMulticast (bool unicast)
void setServerUnicast (SPtr< TIPv6Addr > addr)

Private Attributes

SPtr< TRelOptEchoEcho_
bool GuessMode_
ERelIfaceIdOrder InterfaceIDOrder_
SPtr< TOptVendorDataRemoteID_
std::string WorkDir_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TRelParsGlobalOpt::TRelParsGlobalOpt ( void  )
TRelParsGlobalOpt::~TRelParsGlobalOpt ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

SPtr< TRelOptEcho > TRelParsGlobalOpt::getEcho ( )
bool TRelParsGlobalOpt::getGuessMode ( )
ERelIfaceIdOrder TRelParsGlobalOpt::getInterfaceIDOrder ( )
SPtr< TOptVendorData > TRelParsGlobalOpt::getRemoteID ( )
string TRelParsGlobalOpt::getWorkDir ( )
void TRelParsGlobalOpt::setEcho ( SPtr< TRelOptEcho echo)
void TRelParsGlobalOpt::setGuessMode ( bool  guess)
void TRelParsGlobalOpt::setInterfaceIDOrder ( ERelIfaceIdOrder  order)
void TRelParsGlobalOpt::setRemoteID ( SPtr< TOptVendorData remoteID)
void TRelParsGlobalOpt::setWorkDir ( std::string  dir)

Member Data Documentation

SPtr<TRelOptEcho> TRelParsGlobalOpt::Echo_
bool TRelParsGlobalOpt::GuessMode_
ERelIfaceIdOrder TRelParsGlobalOpt::InterfaceIDOrder_
SPtr<TOptVendorData> TRelParsGlobalOpt::RemoteID_
std::string TRelParsGlobalOpt::WorkDir_

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