Numbat - WiMAX/Mobile IPv6 framework for OMNeT++
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Numbat Developer's Guide

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About this documentation

Numbat is a WiMAX/Mobile IPv6 simulation environment. See Overview section for more detailed description.

There are two types of documentation for Numbat available:

  1. Developer's Guide - you are reading its front page. It contains Overview, compilation information, running tips, installation and usage, and several other chapters. In particular, it also contains detailed C++ documentation of all modules. Please use this documentation for everything except description of module parameters and module interactions.
  1. NED documentation - It documents defined models: module names, parameters, gates, networks, module relationships etc. This documentation is generated with neddoc. You are currently reading front page of this documentation. Please this documentation to obtain info about module.

Welcome to the Numbat Developer's Guide. This document describes various aspects of the compilation and installation of Numbat simulation software, detailed description of the internal architecture, common coding practice and many more. People with programming background can find useful informations here. Main purpose of this document is to help contributors to quickly know Dibbler from the inside.

This document is intended just as its title states – a guide. It is not a thorough code description. Numbat code is under development since 2005, but unfortunately providing clear documentation was never priority. As of 2010, its main developer Tomek Mrugalski is no longer actively involved in development, so he became part-time maintainer. Tomek does not intend to develop or fix anything on its own. Patches are more than welcome, though.

To regenerate this documentation, please load Numbat project into OMNeT++ IDE and click "Generate NED documentation..." from Project menu. Documentation will be stored in doc/doxy and doc/neddoc directories.


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