[Dibbler] DHCPv6 Server not installed?

Куприяшин Михаил kmickle at yandex.ru
Thu Apr 6 00:44:05 CEST 2017

> p.s.
> As a dibbler author, I'm genuinely interested in how many people are
> using dibbler on Windows and which component you are using. There's very
> little reason to use dibbler-client, as all modern systems have DHCPv6
> client built-in (except android, but that's a whole different story). I
> can't imagine anyone sane running a windows-based router, so relay are
> probably not used at all. So I assume Windows people are mostly
> interested in the server, right?
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I AM using a Windows machine as a router, and more. For historical 
reasons, I have a free license for Windows Server and a foreigner's 
attitude to UNIX-based systems.

My romantic story with Dibbler began when I was positive my Internet 
service provider is running IPv6 (although the official position was 'we 
neither support, nor have it'). That very moment my hunter's instincts 
kicked in. But the built-in DHCPv6 client was not up to the task. One 
time it was getting an address, and then losing it when the lease 
expired. Sometimes it was just unable to get anything at all.

I then turned to external (relative to the OS) DHCPv6 clients. Based on 
my search query results, 'Dibbler' and 'IPv6 client' are nearly synonyms.

Dibbler was unable to deal with the lease, too. I guess, the ISP DHCPv6 
server was just dropping all incoming packets from the hosts with active 
leases (including SOLICIT-s). So it just came to normal after all 
cooldowns expired. Needless to say, it was UNDEBUGGABLE with the native 

As a result, I'm now using Dibbler, and I'm happy about how it works. 
The point: why did I end up with Dibbler? Firstly, I can set it up, to 
be sure I am requesting the thing I am requesting. Secondly, it 
responsibly logs all its activity. I can say neither of the native 
client. It has no options whatsoever, I can't even turn it off, so I had 
to use the Firewall to silence it. Logs are 'something's bad, ma-an'-grade.

Dibbler is what I wanted to see: a professional utility with sane 
[adequate to its function] inputs and sane outputs, in place of 
Microsoft's "it either works by default or never works".

Thanks for your efforts and contribution!

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