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Janet Christiansen jchristiansen at expresslogic.com
Wed Apr 5 18:00:50 CEST 2017

Fish,  that works!  Thanks so much :D


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Hi Janet,


You can try to type dibbler-server run directly instead of dibbler-server start.


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I had the same problem like  you and the fact is that you don’t have to type dibbler-server start, all you need to do is to type dibber-server run directly, which was turned out to take effect.

I hope this can help you to solve your problem.




Chengdu, CN


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主题: [Dibbler] DHCPv6 Server not installed?



So what is the story with Dibbler and Windows 7/Windows 10?  I just downloaded and installed Dibbler 1.0.1 and the error output I get after typing dibbler-server start is DHCPv6 Server is ‘not installed’.  There is also output indicating I am using a “proper port” of dibbler.


The host machine that Dibbler is installed to is able to send and respond to IPv6 pings.  I used the server.conf in the example adjusted to my local IPv6 network settings.   If I type dibbler-server status, it responds with DHCPv6 Server is not installed. Same results for dibbler-client and relay.


I used Dibbler on windows XP several years ago and it worked great. What happened???




San Diego, CA 


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