[Dibbler] DHCPv6 Server not installed?

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Wed Apr 5 14:03:45 CEST 2017

W dniu 04.04.2017 o 02:52, Janet Christiansen pisze:
> So what is the story with Dibbler and Windows 7/Windows 10?  I just
The story is that dibbler is a one man hobby project and I simply don't
have time to maintain, much less develop it, any more. I don't even have
a win 10 installed anywhere, so can't really test it.

but the original concept was that you can run dibbler either from
command line:
dibbler-server.exe run

or install it as a service:
dibbler-server.exe install

and then run the service:
dibbler-server.exe start

Obviously, you can only start a service that's installed. Installing
(adding a service), uninstalling (removing a service), starting and
stopping installed service requires admin privileges.

> The host machine that Dibbler is installed to is able to send and
> respond to IPv6 pings.  I used the server.conf in the example adjusted
> to my local IPv6 network settings.   If I type dibbler-server status, it
> responds with DHCPv6 Server is not installed. Same results for
> dibbler-client and relay.
Ok, so perhaps the wording should be improved, but dibbler tells your
that the dibbler-server is not installed as service. In start menu, type
services.msc as a command and you'll get a list of all services
installed in your system. You can also click through to it somewhere in
the control panel, but I don't remember it off hand.

> I used Dibbler on windows XP several years ago and it worked great. What
> happened???
A decade passed. Things have changed.


As a dibbler author, I'm genuinely interested in how many people are
using dibbler on Windows and which component you are using. There's very
little reason to use dibbler-client, as all modern systems have DHCPv6
client built-in (except android, but that's a whole different story). I
can't imagine anyone sane running a windows-based router, so relay are
probably not used at all. So I assume Windows people are mostly
interested in the server, right?

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