[Dibbler] IPv6 Network with Dibbler DHCP

DICK, L. (MR.) Dickl at mopipi.ub.bw
Fri Jun 3 18:54:28 CEST 2016


Thank you for response. Sorry that mistake.
-I checked this by Just doing a continuos ping from one Server and it
shows that  PC is intermittent but when I assign a static address, all go
-My client are normal windows desktop and Laptops.
-The other scope is for another Vlan though I have not tested it or used


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On 03/06/16, 18:43, "Dibbler on behalf of Tomasz Mrugalski"
<dibbler-bounces at klub.com.pl on behalf of thomson at klub.com.pl> wrote:

>>I have deployed IPv6 with Dibbler DHCP Server but my problem is, windows
>>client PCs can get  IP addresses from the DHCP  for 3 to 5 seconds  and
>Your dibbler config file says the server sets renew timer (T1) for 3 to
>5 seconds. It does what you told it to do. If you specify a range, then
>dibbler-server accepts values from that range of whatever clients sents
>as hints. Windo

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