[Dibbler] Multiple instances of dibbler running on per interface basis

Tomasz Mrugalski thomson at klub.com.pl
Fri Jun 3 18:09:50 CEST 2016

On 03.06.2016 17:19, Mircea Ciocan wrote:
> Hello, I need to have dibbler running as individual instances per
> interface ( like dhcpcd or other DHCP clients are doing it).

> Is there a way to launch dibbler with different configuration files
> where it binds to a specific interface and not having conflicting leases
> databases, pid file and such ?
Maybe. By default dibbler read /etc/dibbler/client.conf and writes its
files in /var/lib/dibbler. However, some time ago there was -w command
line option implemented that specifies the directory. If specified,
dibbler-client is supposed to read and write all files from/to that
directory. It was never tested, so I consider it experimental and as
such it was never documented.

Another thing you may try to tweak in such environment is to disable
socket SO_REUSE_ADDR flag. See --enable-bind-reuse in configure script.
By default Dibbler sets this flag. I values recall some issues when it
was not set, so I left it enabled ages ago and nobody complained about
it. However, when you try to run multiple instances, you should be extra
cautious to be sure that each interface is serviced by at most one
instance. Hence disabling bind-reuse looks like a good safety measure
for your scenario.

> It wil be a great help on an embedded system with busybox where
> everything should be set in /etc/network/interfaces and managed by the
> ifupdown program.
Feel free to try the -w option. If it works, great! If not, make sure
your report the problem (or maybe send a patch that fixes it?). In any
case please report your findings.

Hope that helps,

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