[Dibbler] Query regarding Dibbler source code

Vinod Loganathan RameshKumar vidon2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 22:27:14 CET 2016


Hope you are doing good.

I am new to IPv6 and dibbler, I was able to run the dibbler server code to
fetch the ipv6 address to the clients. I am successful in doing that. My
question is I wanted to intercept the dhcp request and reply packets from
the dibbler server. I am not sure where exactly in the source code these
packets are obtained. It would be a great help if you guide me to the
source code and help me to intercept the dhcp request and reply packets.

Prior to Ipv6 I was working on udhcp server and was able to intercept the
dhcp request and ack packets for ipv4. Now I wanted to do the same for

Awaiting for your reply.

L R Vinod
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