[Dibbler] inactive mode - but: Server Critical Interface ppp0/-1 is not present

Jan Lühr dibbler at jluehr.de
Thu Feb 11 12:52:46 CET 2016

Hello folks,

I'm new here and started playing with dibbler. Great work - its fun ...
but I ran into some issue:

I tried to configure dibbler for 4 pptp-Instances
Config: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6a554bab352b1c831a2c

Although inactive-mode is set, dibbler quits:

2016.02.11 12:50:35 Server Critical  Interface ppp0/-1 is not present in
the system or does not support IPv6.
2016.02.11 12:50:35 Server Critical  Fatal error during CfgMgr

ppp0 is not present 'cause there's no active pptp connection at the
moment. It appears, after a client connects.

What is wrong here?


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