[Dibbler] Sharing a Prefix-Delegation Pool across multiple Interfaces?

dibbler at yanosz.net dibbler at yanosz.net
Sun Aug 28 12:16:36 CEST 2016

Hello folks,

I got stuck configuring dibbler for prefix delegation:

I have rather small pool for prefix delegation (/56 in total). I want to
assign parts of it to different clients.

Unfortunately, these clients are connecting through different
VPN-interfaces and I've no control on the concrete interface being used.

Thus, I'd like to define a pool shared among all interfaces.
If possible, a client (identified by its DUID) should be able to get the
same prefix no matter what interface is being used.

Looking at the documentation, I see examples for assigning pools and
client configurations to specific interfaces, only.

How can I configure dibbler to manage a pool and client definition
outside interface definition? - Or -
Can I use wildcards, that a configuration applies to all

Do you have any idea on how to use dibbler in this scenario?

Greetz yanosz

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