[Dibbler] Script not executed initially and other questions

Daniel Kenzelmann klub.com.pl at k8n.de
Sun Nov 29 21:55:11 CET 2015

Perfect, tested the prefix tweaks branch and it creates /64 subnets when 
only a single interface is specified just as I wanted.

So I'll just wait for the branches to be merged and a new release to 
come out.
(Not urgent, I still have my workaround in place ... :-)


Am 2015-11-27 21:23, schrieb Daniel Kenzelmann:
> Ah, I just looked at the code in the prefix-tweaks branch,
> so currently the prefix there is just trimmed to /64 no matter what,
> not configurable.
> I'll test that branch tomorrow evening..
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> Am 2015-11-27 20:47, schrieb Daniel Kenzelmann:
>> Good news everyone!
>> The master branch seems to run the script even with rapid-commit 
>> enabled.
>> However even with the master branch the nameservers are still added to
>> /etc/resolv.conf.
>> Regarding the prefix tweaks branch if you could please tell me the
>> options to configure this (prefix length etc.) then I could try this
>> as well.
>> Thanks,
>> Daniel
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