[Dibbler] Script not executed initially and other questions

Daniel Kenzelmann klub.com.pl at k8n.de
Fri Nov 27 10:26:32 CET 2015

Thanks, without "rapid commit" it is now working after the initial 

Testing the prefix tweaks branch might be a bit tricky, I don't have too 
much time available to test.
I think I'll just keep specifying two interfaces and wait until the 
prefix tweaks brach was merged.

One further question:
dibbler always modifies /etc/resolv.conf and adds the nameservers. Is 
there a way to prevent it from doing this?
(I read somewhere that it is not possible to deactivate this?)

Thanks again,

Am 2015-11-26 14:24, schrieb Tomasz Mrugalski:
> On 25.11.2015 17:45, Daniel Kenzelmann wrote:
>> I've got a problem with running a script after it pulled a prefix.
>> I am running it on a DSL connection with PPPoE.
>> The DSL provider reconnects after 24 hours and hands out a new prefix
>> every time.
>> I want to use radvd to use stateless autoconfiguration in my internal
>> network using the new prefix obtained via DHCPv6 (using dibbler).
>> My plan was to restart radvd via a script that is executed once we get 
>> a
>> prefix.
>> However it seems the script (the script option in client.conf) is not
>> executed initially, so this does not allow me to restart radvd once 
>> the
>> prefix changed (after the reconnect). As far as I can see it is 
>> executed
>> after 2 hours (RENEW?)
>> As you can see below, I am getting a prefix and radvd.conf is created
>> accordingly. However the script is not executed. (so I can not restart
>> radvd from there)
>> "Script execution skipped for REPLY response to SOLICIT. No action
>> needed for this message type."
> Aaah, I see the problem. You seem to be using rapid-commit. The 
> exchange
> you're having is SOLICT-REPLY, instead of
> SOLICIT-ADVERTISE-REQUEST-REPLY. As a quick workaround, you may try
> disabling rapid commit. This seems like a very easy fix.
> Can you get the latest version from git and check whether the script is
> called?
>> My questions are:
>> 1. Is there a way to run a script once the prefix has been obtained?
> Hopefully yes. Check git master.
>> 2. If the script would run, in the script, can I directly access the
>> prefix(es) somehow? (e.g. via environment variable or parameters)
> I don't remember off hand. See the User's Guide, all the variables are
> listed there. Another nice trick is to put "set" command in your 
> script.
> It will print out all variables that are set.
>> 3. When using multiple downlink interfaces prefixes are automatically
>> split in /64 subnets which is fine. However when only using a single
>> interface in "downlink-prefix-ifaces", the full /56 prefix is used. 
>> (in
>> radvd.conf). Is there a way to tell dibbler to still split it to /64
>> size so I can use SLAAC on my clients?
> Yes. Check prefix-tweaks branch:
> git clone git at github.com:tomaszmrugalski/dibbler.git
> cd dibbler
> git checkout prefix-tweaks
> ./configure
> make
> This puts you in somewhat tricky situation. You can choose whether you
> want the prefix to be /64 or the script be called :) But that's ok.
> Once you confirm that both fixes work, I'll merge prefix-tweaks to
> master and will give you a unified version.
> Tomek
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