[Dibbler] Help on configuring OPTION_AUTH support on DHCPv6 server

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Fri Mar 27 11:41:00 CET 2015


I am using dibbler-server version 1.0.0 RC1 on a CentOS 6.5 system for DHCPv6 and request your input on the config to support OPTION_AUTH properly.

Server log:

35:17 Server Debug     Received 67 bytes on interface eth1/3 (socket=3, addr=fe80::f292:1cff:fe82:3c0.).
35:17 Server Notice    Received SOLICIT on eth1/3, trans-id=0x3d960c, 5 opts: 1 3 8 11 6 (non-relayed)    <- Option 11 is set
35:17 Server Debug     Checking exceptions for link-local=fe80::f292:1cff:fe82:3c0
35:17 Server Debug     Cache: Cached address for client (DUID=00:03:00:01:f0:92:1c:82:03:c0) found: 200::9d04:5bc4:9259:75c0
35:17 Server Info      Cache: Cached address 200::9d04:5bc4:9259:75c0 found. Welcome back.
35:17 Server Info      Client 00:03:00:01:f0:92:1c:82:03:c0 got 200::9d04:5bc4:9259:75c0 (IAID=2182873191, pref=86400,valid=172800).
35:17 Server Debug     Address usage for class 0 increased to 2.
35:17 Server Debug     Preference set to 0.
35:17 Server Debug     Checking exceptions for link-local=fe80::f292:1cff:fe82:3c0
35:17 Server Debug     Cache: Entry for client (DUID=00:03:00:01:f0:92:1c:82:03:c0) was deleted.
35:17 Server Debug     Cache: Address 200::9d04:5bc4:9259:75c0 added for client (DUID=00:03:00:01:f0:92:1c:82:03:c0).
35:17 Server Debug     Address usage for class 0 decreased to 1.
35:17 Server Notice    Sending ADVERTISE on eth1/3,transID=0x3d960c, opts: 3 2 1 7, 0 relay(s).   <- Option 11 is NOT set
35:17 Server Debug     Not executing external script (Notify script disabled).
35:17 Server Notice    Accepting connections. Next event in 95637 second(s).

Server is not adding Option 11 in ADVERTISE.


log-level 8
log-mode short
preference 0
auth-protocol reconfigure-key
auth-replay monotonic
auth-methods digest-hmac-md5
auth-realm "SOMESTRING"
auth-required 0
iface "eth1"{
   t1 50
   t2 100
   # assign addresses from this pool
   class {
      pool 200::/64

Is there anything I am missing on the server side to configure?

Thank you for your time.


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