[Dibbler] Problems using dibbler client when provider changes prefix

Lothar May lothar.imap at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 31 23:49:20 CET 2015


thank you for all the work on the dibbler dhcpv6 client, and for publishing
the software with source code!

I'm using a dibbler dhcpv6 Linux client behind an internet router. The
internet router gets a new IPv6 prefix every night from the provider, and
from that point on IPv6 internet access (on the client with dibbler) no
longer works. I have no idea whether this is the fault of the internet
router or the dibbler client. All I note is that I need to restart dibbler
every morning in order to have "working" IPv6 internet access.

The issue exists with dibbler 0.8.4 and also the latest dibbler 1.0.0.
Maybe someone could help with this issue?

I tried to analyse the log and found some messages around the time the
internet router switches its prefix, which may be related to the issue:

daemon.debug Dibbler: Received 72 bytes on interface eth0/2 (socket=6,
daemon.warn Dibbler: Unknown option: 82, length=4. Ignored.
daemon.warn Dibbler: Unknown option: 83, length=4. Ignored.
daemon.info Dibbler: Received REPLY on eth0/2,trans-id=0x15d761, 3 opts: 1
2 23
daemon.warn Dibbler: Message REPLY received with mismatched ClientID
option. Message dropped.

This happens every time the internet router gets a new prefix. Does this
indicate that dibbler could be more tolerant with regard to the messages,
or is there maybe a bug in the internet router software?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Best regards,
Lothar May
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